I’m a developer from Denmark.

When i’m not developing at my 8-17 job, i’m developing for a small web company called West’s world, which I founded in 2011.

Currently i’m working on a (Java) Desktop application and two larger Rails projects, but normally my main focus is the web, where I try to spread my ideas to as many languages as possible.

So far I have created these items on
  • SelectSorter – Sort select boxes lists, using the user’s CPU power. It’s extensible and easy to use. I even created a randomizer, to show you how easy it is! (uses jQuery)
  • EditMe – A small jQuery plugin to allow you to “hide” text-input fields and edit them later. Gives you a nice clean webpage. (uses jQuery)
  • My Related Posts – A Wordpress plugin that allows you to group blog posts / articles into related lists, and display them in your post. This way, you can write posts, which has more parts. This means that you don’t have to edit previous posts, when adding more related posts.
  • Pickled – A small jQuery plugin that allows you to help your users write the correct data in input fields.
    The script opens a drop-down giving the user a choice for correct data format. By showing the user what the correct choices are, he/she easily knows what to write, if he/she needs slightly different data.

I like to keep my code clean and, if possible, do TDD.

You can follow me on twitter and even take a look at my blog.
None of them are tech only, so be warned :)

Btw, if you like my items and purchase them, please rate ‘em.



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