Our team BARISAN is a small team with litle sources learn for understand how big work grows. We are doing research in various countries, currently we are located in Indonesia, We are also a freelancer who has completed several jobs from large freelancer sites. When building the team, our goal was to develop digital technology with a Triple-Helix development models approach.

Our team consists of architects, engineers, marketing, accountant, analysts, cryptographer and graphic designers. Having a vision to build, design and conceptualize facilities for modern society with productive activities and prioritize efficiency at work. Create Enterprise solutions for many different industries, including medical/health, factory automation, Ride Hailing automation and Telecommunication infrastructure.
Our litle Partners:
BARISAN DATA (Information technology and computer science projects)
BARISAN STEEL (Construction projects)
BARISAN EXPRESS (Delivery Services)
BARISAN AGRO (Urban product distribution)
ORE SOFTWARE LABS (Business Intelligence Systems Laboratory )

How to Contact us?

Please send message from profile page Contact via Support website Join our Discord Servers or chat our support team


Barisandata at Envato sell tools that help your business productivity. Business profits, company shares and your business management are not part of our service and have nothing to do with profits for us, is different and need to be separated from our management team.
Our teams only serve application technical support, if your business does not turn a profit because you are managing bussiness improperly no promotion and not serving customers, natural disasters, working accidents, Covid19 effect, it is not our responsibility as an application author. We suggest that when working with our tools, we recommend that you enforce health protocols to avoid COVID-19