We love building HTML5 mobile applications helps you reach your mobile audience by creating a constantly evolving mobile web app, based on your existing content. Our platform has a simple workflow that allows you to easily publish mobile web apps that work on any mobile device and offers your users an enhanced reading experience. No need to learn new skills, keep writing the way you have always done and leave the rest to us. at a glance

Dozens of themes to choose from. We add new ones every other week.

Content Sync
We know how you feel about your content, that’s why we offer you the possibility to sync it into your mobile web application just by adding simple RSS and ATOM feeds.

To make things even easier you can use one of the Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla integrations we’re currently developing to immediately import your existing content into your own mobile web application.

Or if you already have an account on, Tumblr or Blogger you can easily repurpose your articles, comments, photos & videos towards an enriched mobile reading experience for your users.

Rich Ui/UX
Your readers can have a cozy reading experience on their mobile or tablet devices even when they’re in a tube or an airplane.

Since mobile web apps don’t have any shared revenue constraints, you can take full control of your income.

Social Reading
Comment, like, share, tweet, directly from within your mobile web application.

Custom Appearance
Select your favorite theme, customize the colors & fonts, add your logo and personalize your app to craft your brand identity.

Get to know your mobile readers and analyze your impact with our powerful yet simple reader-centric analytics.

Your Own App
Repurpose your existing social content into a personalized mobile web application that tells a story: Your story.

Cross Platform
All it takes for a mobile web application to run is a modern mobile browser (HTML5 compatible).

Responsive UI
The look and feel of the mobile web app seamlessly morphs into the screen size of your users’ device.

Add to Homescreen
Readers can add your mobile web application to their homescreens making it just a tap away.

Offline Mode
Keep your mobile readers always in touch with your content, even in offline mode.

Custom domain name
Have your mobile web application on top of your existing online presence:


PLUS – €9.99/mo

* Unlimited Applications
* Unlimited Content Sources(API)
* 3 App Themes(fully customizable)
* Up to 10,000 sessions per month
* Support for smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows 8, FirefoxOS)

PRO – €29.99/mo

* Unlimited Applications
* Unlimited Content Sources(API)
* 10 App Themes(fully customizable)
* Up to 100,000 sessions per month
* Support for smartphones & tablets (iOS, Android, Windows 8, FirefoxOS)

VIP – €99.99/mo

* Unlimited Applications
* Unlimited Content Sources(API)
* All App Themes(fully customizable)
* Up to 1,000,000 sessions per month
* Support for smartphones & tablets (iOS, Android, Windows 8, FirefoxOS)

WordPress Mobile Pack

As an extension of our platform we developed WordPress Mobile Pack PRO that comes with:

  • 3 App Themes (fully customizable)
  • Social Features
  • Monetization Options
  • 1 Year of Professional Support
  • Ongoing Features & Security Updates
  • Single WordPress Site License


Here’s a quick video to get you started with Appticles:

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