About Me

Hello, I’m Agam and I create items for Codecanyon. You can follow me here on code canyon.
More info?
   – I love web development, and coding something productive.
   – I love simplicity although its hard to achieve.
   – I believe in hard work -> practice and persistence.

Want to work together?

If you have any idea, or just think you are good at designing and building stuff, why not work together? Send me an email.

My Items


jsCookie 1.4 is almost up - jsCookie 1.4…

Web development essentials:

Here i’ll post various links that may help you (web developing).
1. scriptsrc.net (Automatically get all of the good libraries online)
2. yui.2clics.net (YUI Compressor Online, this works fantastically!)
3. javascriptlint.com (Check your JS code for errors, works easily!)
4. iconfinder.com (Find Icons for your projects! [Excellent for finding free for commercial use icons])
5. diveintohtml5.org (Start learning HTML5, start learning for the future!)
6. w3.org/html/logo (Add HTML5 badges to your website)
7. ajaxload.info (.gif loaders, great for your Ajax products)
8. w3schools.com (That’s where it all began)
9. virtualbox.org (Test your products on different operating systems)
10. wibiya.com (Get a cool social toolbar for your site)
11. getfirebug.com (Obligatory web-browser plugin)
12. lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/ (Great Lightbox Plugin for every website)
13. colorzilla.com/gradient-editor (There are two kinds of web designers in the world: There is a web designer before colorzilla and an awesome one after it. )
14. infinite-scroll.com (Great “Ajaxy” plugin for WordPress)
15.Web developer Toolbar (chrome and firefox)