Discussion on Zumar Deluxe Unity Complete Project (300 Levels)

Discussion on Zumar Deluxe Unity Complete Project (300 Levels)

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Please let me know how to connect with you, skype ID or anything, I need to get it re-skined,

I will buy it if you are available for re-skin, I will pay for it.

masum65 Purchased

do you provide reskin service

hi each reskin version cost 200$ for this project

masum65 Purchased

Would you please provide me an app url which you have reskinned before.

Hello. how can i add new level ? do you have a demo video to add new level ? it’s really urgent

I want to use it with android studio

When I go to the store to purchase ruby, I get an error message like ” check your internet connection and try again ”, though internet is also on at the same time. Please Guid me….. How to Solve


ask one question you can help me or not?

Your problem already solved in last update, if you are the buyer just download the update but you are not so we cant help

Updated to Unity 2020.3.37f1 to fully compatible with android 12, is very good but no everything works the reward ads don’t work test it by yourself only Interstitiel ads work well. Correct this issue please

I will fix that and update new version tomorrow

Update is ready

Hi, Please how can I open all levels for test??? Thanks

Now need to test all levels because all use the same scene and scripts, just different in path and speed, so you just need to test one level

ok, Thanks

Hello, I have a problem when I try to press button 1 to start, I can’t enter. Please solve the problem. Thank you


Updated to Unity 2020.3.37f1 to fully compatible with android 12 , everything works ok

Hi, Please how can I open all levels for test??? Thanks

Getting bellows error when uploading App Bundle to Google play store -

You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle which has an activity, activity alias, service or broadcast receiver with intent filter, but without ‘android:exported’ property set. This file can’t be installed on Android 12 or higher. See:

Thanks, it’s worked

Hi I would like to know how to insert unity placements for ads. I would like to use the unity platform only and no admob for my ads, I searched in vain. in addition your email to contact you is not displayed anywhere.

This project doesn’t have Unity Ads, it integrated with admob as in description. If you want to integrate Unity Ads: 1- Delete GoogleMobileAds and ExternalDependencyManager folders. 2- Import Unity Ad and do as Unity Manual. 3- Fix error causing by deleting admob by click them and replace them by Unity Ad code. If you are not familiar with coding,We can make it for you as a new feature for the cost of 100$ or you can hire someone to do it for you.

Your email please

Are you planning to release any update soon?

We are working on other projects so there are no update soon

This game code work with IOS app store?

Yes it works

Can you do customisation?

We sell source codes for everyone so we can’t do customization for only one

I mean, I would like to do customisation and pay additional for changes and features. This would be only available in my app.

Do you have any documentation for this? I just bought the game and it would be helpful to have a documentation or tutorial video if you guys have this :)

(I don’t see any comments on the code so it’s tough to understand) Do you have any documentation for this? I just bought the game and it would be helpful to have a documentation or tutorial video if you guys have this :) I want to add voice controls to it.I just want to shoot wherever I tell it to aim like “shoot at 45 degrees direction”, any idea WHERE on the script I can implement this “aim & shoot” idea of mine? (I think it’s just a matter of substituting the “right click/shoot command” with the voice command and where to aim)

I’m having trouble finding the specific script that controls where it: (1) “shoots” (2) Destroys the balls on collision (3) ATTACH the ball if the 3 colours don’t match

You can find those scripts on Assets/Scripts/BallShooter.cs

Thanks for that! Apologies for the simple question, there was just too many scrips to go through haha. Cool game btw with lots of levels! It feels more or less complete :) Great job RigiGame!

Hello Rigi team, I also want to buy this project for 20$. Last month your game price was 20$, This price is suitable for us. This is my first time. please try to change your price like as your last price… On other hand do you offer reskin?/

Hey I want to buy this game for 20$. I am new in this platform. If you change your price I will buy it now.

Hi, I have checked the demo app and it sounds like something I like. A few questions,

1. The background image is not full width, will I be able to make to full width to cover the entire screen?

2. The turtle, and the balls, can I use my own designs?

3. Is it possible to develop this further (allow users to use points earned to complete tasks like building a house or cooking)?

4. The level selection screen, can I remove it and have a button that only shows the current level I am?

1. Yes, just delete the border image 2. Yes, just replace them with your own 3. Yes if you know coding (C#) 4. Yes if you know coding (C#)

Found a big problem in your game.

I installed your game in 8 different phones & found stuck problem in 5 phones.

1. When blast the ball & booster, it stuck that time. Only blast effect time it stuck then it run well.

2. Some time ball line are overlap with other balls

How to solve it?

Then you can write your own spark effect code which can run perfectly on every cheap phone because it is extra feature,i will hide it since it doesn’t affect to the gameplay and what i sell is a zuma gameplay with admob as in description , just like i hide IAP function . You can not expect me to buy every phone and optimize for each, if you want a perfectly optimized game just hire a team and pay thousands for them, not buying some cheap source code.

4GB RAM + 128GB ROM with android 10 configuration phone, you gonna tell this old & cheap ?

Codecanyon is not a place to sell faulty script. Here you sell $1 item or $10000k price item that should be clean & 100% perfectly have to work. This is the Codecanyon policy.

Note that: I told you hide is not a solution that means we can try to solve it, if possible to solve then we can solve it if not then nothing to do.

I respect your hard works.

I’m trying to find out a solution, if you found any solution let me know.

And two things -

1. How you set the rubies for rewards ads. I set it 10 from your panel but i saw it giving random rubies like 15 or 20 or 200

2. I found an API connecting with herokuapp Turfle. What is this for?

Getting error in unity 2021 here is the error 1. 2. 3.

How to solve it?

Not found any Quad Background option to change background image. Here is the screenshot

Please send me a screenshot where it is & How to change background. You can email me if you like through my profile contact


You just need to click on Quad_1 icon as on your screenshot , you will be bring to where Quad_1 object is, then just click Quad_1 object and you will see it has a sprite renderer component which contains back30, just click and change it

Please check your email inbox. I sent a mail


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