ZUM - CI Advanced User Management System

ZUM - CI Advanced User Management System

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ZUM – CI Advanced User Management System is a handy script for applications that are required a user-based authentication system. It is beneficial to save much of your development hours and focus on the key features.

Main Features:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy Installation Using Wizard
  • Client & Server Side Form Validations
  • RESTful API (Basic Operations e.g. Login)
  • Generic User Login and Registration
  • Login with Username and Email Address
  • Social Login with Facebook, Google, and Twitter
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Secured Against XSS, SQL Injection and CSRF
  • Timezone Adaptive According to Every User’s Setting
  • Add User from Admin Panel
  • Edit User, User Profile Settings
  • Users List and Search with Different Filters
  • Date and Time Formats, Countries List
  • Password Strength Setting
  • Users Invite System
  • 2F Authentication via Email Address
  • Email Verification for Registration
  • IP Geolocation Using IPinfo API
  • Send Email to Registered User
  • Adjust User Balance
  • Multiple Throttling
  • Activities Log
  • Email Templates
  • Manage Premium Items for Users
  • Pay with Stripe (One-Time)
  • Pay with Credit (One-Time)
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Invoice Module
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Fields
  • Backup Options
  • Impersonate User from Admin Panel
  • Unlimited Roles & Permissions
  • Tickets Module
  • Cookie Consent Popup
  • Manage Active Sessions
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Newsletter Subscribe and Unsubscribe
  • Confirmation of the Subscriber
  • Send Email to Subscribers
  • Contact Messages
  • Contact Message Reply
  • Library Ready to Use
  • Remember me Option
  • Reset Password
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Pages Management
  • Announcements
  • Supports SMTP
  • Send Test Email
  • IP Blocking
  • Google Analytics
  • Ajax Based
  • Based on CodeIgniter 3

What’s Meant by Translation Ready?

This means that you can customize or add your translations by modifying the language files. You can also add your favorite languages translations.


  • Linux Hosting
  • PHP Version 7.2+
  • MySQL Database
  • Internet Connection
  • mod_rewrite
  • mbstring
  • GD Library
  • cURL
  • Mail and SMTP
  • ZipArchive

Live Demo:


Super Admin: superadmin@website.test

Admin: admin@website.test

User: user@website.test

Password (All Roles): 12345678

NOTE: In the demo mode, some of the actions are disabled and for privacy reasons, some first characters of the email addresses are hidden.


Version 2.1 (05 August 2022)

- Added Feature For Sending Email to Confirmed Subscribers
- Added Feature to Test Email Templates
- Added Setting to Allow Users to Change Email Address or Not
- Improvements and Fixings
- Improved Documentation

Version 2.0 (20 June 2022)

- Added Setting to Send Welcome Email or Not
- Added Option to Write the Reason When Banning the User
- Added Edit Ticket Reply Feature For Admin
- Improvements and Minor Fixings
- Updated Documentation

Version 1.9 (02 January 2022)

- Added Welcome User Email Template and the Related Functionality
- Added PHP 8.0 Support
- Some Minor Adjustments and Fixing in the Existing Modules

Version 1.8 (27 June 2021)

- Some Minor Improvements in the Existing Modules
- Added Ability to Remember the Collapsed State of the Sidebar
- Fixed Stripe and Some Minor Issues
- Added IP Address Filter for Activities Log
- Added Language Switcher Option in the Home Page
- Added Users Session in the Tools Module
- Updated Documentation

Version 1.7 (16 June 2021)

- Some Minor Adjustments and Fixes in the Existing Modules
- Improved the Documentation Guide e.g. FAQs

Version 1.6 (14 May 2021)

- Fixed Session Last Activity (When Impersonating) and Some Other Minor Bugs
- Added RESTful API (Users Module) for Basic Operations e.g. Login
- Some Minor Additions in the Existing Modules
- Updated Documentation by Adding the RESTful API Guide

Version 1.5 (16 April 2021)

- Added IP Geolocation Data Feature Using IPinfo API
- Added Option to Send Email to the Registered User
- Added Custom Pages (e.g. About Us) Feature
- Added Support for CI Database Session Storage
- Added Option to Take the Backup of Specific DB Tables
- Added Online Today Users Search Filter
- Fixed the `activity` Column Length Issue
- Fixed the Sidebar Positioning Issue for Mobile Screens
- Improved the Users Sessions Module
- Improved Documentation

Version 1.4 (04 April 2021)

- Added Social Links Page (User Panel)
- Added Social Links Tab in General Settings (Admin Panel)
- Improved the ZUser Library (Performance)
- Improved the Documentation

Version 1.3.1 (31 March 2021)

- Fixed Adjust Balance Log and Invoice Issue

Version 1.3 (30 March 2021)

- Added Option for Taking the Backup of "uploads" Directory
- Added "Logout From All Devices" Option (Admin Area)
- Added "Pay with Credit" Option
- Improved Online Today Count Management
- Improved Documentation by Adding the APIs Guide
- Fixed and Improved Some Graphical Components

Version 1.2 (25 March 2021)

- Added "Having Premium Time" Users Search Filter
- Added Badge on the Top of Picture for Users Having Premium Time (Manage Page)
- Added "Logout From Other Devices" Feature
- Improved Some Design Parts e.g. Navbar (Mobile Devices)
- Improved Documentation

Version 1.1 (22 March 2021)

- Added Changed Password Email Template and Related Functionality
- Fixed Alert Message Issue for the Home and Roles Permissions Page
- Updated Documentation by Adding FAQs
- Improved the Loader Icon CSS for Cross Compatibility

Version 1.0 (19 March 2021)

- Initial Release

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