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Hello, Is it possible when users search the site to show results directly from Amazon? Maybe limiting them to one category?


yes, would be possible – as mentioned in your email you already tried the search with the categories in the backend and if you search in the front end of the germans store you’ll see that amazon will be searched as well

with some modifications the store will act to fit your needs


thx for email message, just answered two times :)

Es gibt noch ein Problem. Wenn man mehrere Artikel in den Warenkorb legt, wird nur 1 an Amazon übergeben.

wenn Produkte beim Checkout nicht mehr verfügbar sind werden diese nicht mit übertragen, dann gibt’s dort eine Nachricht wie:

Diese Artikel sind momentan nicht verfügbar:
Lex Quinta Competition Kettlebell - die Wettkampf Kugelhantel - 24kg grün
POWRX Competition Kettlebell 4 – 48 kg in Studio-Qualität inkl. Workout | Wettkampf Kugelhantel Schwunghantel Rundgewicht in versch. Farben
C.P. Sports Hexagon Kurzhantel gummiert 1-80 kg - mit ergonomischen Chrom-Griff, Kurzhantel, Kurzhantel-Set, Dumbbell, rutschsicher

Hello, when verifying the link that the cart creates in: The Amazon link verifier gives me ERROR and this appears: Error: The link has not been tagged correctly or is not a valid Amazon link.

It is normal. Cheers

Hola al verificar el enlace que crea el carrito en: El verificador de enlaces de Amazon me da ERROR y sale esto: Error: el enlace no ha sido etiquetado correctamente o no es un enlace de Amazon válido.

Es normal. Saludos

This is not an affiliate link – it’s the target address of the cart form and this target doesn’t contain the associate tag… more information can be found in the Amazon pa api5 documentation

Hello, When will it be possible for users to register and be able to save their searches? Would it be great if there were other marketplaces besides Amazon, perhaps with a price comparison?


When will it be possible for users to register and be able to save their searches?
I don’t see the purpose of a built in user management, mainly because checkout works on amazon and you just need an amazon account. Nonetheless with the next version of z5 search queries will be stored for admin/stat reasons.

Would it be great if there were other marketplaces besides Amazon, perhaps with a price comparison?
I don’t hink that I will add other marketplaces that soon (if ever) – maybe if there are some constant good sales, but currently it doesn’t look like that…


The script is very slow when it comes to producing an section/itm/ page for a specific item. Is there a way to speed it up or to figure out the bottleneck?


what do you mean with “when it comes producing” – do you mean when accessing the item page in the browser?

If so, and you mean the prdouct pages in the front end:
on every product page call there’s a mehod called and checks if a price and availibility check should performed – by default this is 3 hours – checking is fast, updateting could take time – depending amazon connection – the method is called amzUpdatePrices

Additional you could check if there are any useful entries in the webserver’s error_log

best wishes

zstore z5 1.50 released

finally it’s finished, z5 CMS RC1 :)

in detail

  • [improved/rebuilt]: added source for lastly added method for API-less imports to filters in the backend (product listing, multi-product operations) *[updated]: ... to latest Bootstrap 4.4.1 and jQuery 3.5.1
  • [improved]: item/cms URLs are more search engine friendly (hyphen instead of underscores) AND z5 is trying to translate special letters (accent,...) similarly looking ASCII characters *[added]: front end search queries are saved now for statistic reasons and is accessible in the backend.
  • [fixed]: fixes and improvement allover the project files
  • [added]: the first Release Candidate for the integrated CMS
    - Manage navigation items
    - Manage articles/post
    - Assign articles to navigation items
    - Upload your images and documents
    - Assign your images to articles, use them as header or in galleries
    - Assign documents to articles as downloads
    - Assign youtube and vimeo videos to articles, they will be embedded
    - Assign Amazon items by ASINto articles
    - Use contact forms in articles
    - ...
    - CMS will be refined/enhanced in the future if accepted
All Layouts
  • [fixed, all]: fixes and improvement allover the project files
  • [fixed, all]: XSS vulnerabilty on search form fixed
  • [added, all]: equipped with the outputs of the previously mentioned CMS

Hello and thanks for the great update.

However, there are several bugs that prevent its use.

In the new CMS

By clicking on the menu “Add menu item” nothing happens, it is impossible to create a new menu.

In add a new article you can not write in the fields

Lead text will be displayed prominent above the article text – optional The article text

In the list of articles the buttons for assigning download files, videos and images to the article do not work.

In the Media Library you cannot add any files, the form to send the files is not seen

How can we fix these bugs? Thanks again

just made my second update of a store running z5 1.11 successfully (including the demo) – following my update instructions step by step

what I’ve found that I have a made a mistake in the instructions on replacing js files – I’ve stated js/fooBar.css instead of js/fooBar.js

I will update the instructions – but I don’t think that your issue is caused by this


Thanks tor your answer. In the demo and in my website it’s impossibile fetch item.

This is the error:

stdClass Object ( [__type] => [Errors] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [Code] => InvalidSignature [Message] => The request has not been correctly signed. If you are using an AWS SDK, requests are signed for you automatically; otherwise, go to ) ) )

How to solve? Thanks


works fine, now

seems there were some issues on Amazon API side, that happens sometimes, for example in the past item search wasn’t returning items for hours, a.s.o…

to make sure there’s noting wrong with your installation or they changed the API or it’s an general issue with the API (like it seems in this case) please test out the Amazon PA API 5.0 ScratchPad



I’ve just re-released the version 1.50 – the only difference to to the previous version is the update folder.
There were some issues with the PDF files

best wishes


jmaerk Purchased

Have you noticed there’s an issue with the shopping cart sub total? The price gets rounded off instead of displaying the exact total.


thanks for reporting – caused by thousands seperators :/

short fix for the zCart.class.php file:

find (2 times)

                            $decPoint = ".";

add below each occurence

switch($decPoint) {
    case ".":
        $price2workwith = str_replace(",", "",$price2workwith);
    case ",":
        $price2workwith = str_replace(".", "",$price2workwith);

will be considered (maybe in another way) on next release



jmaerk Purchased

Thank you, it works. Worth noting though, if a buyer increases the quantity it leaves a blank field in the subtotal column adjacent to the product description. It does this to all products regardless of price.

hmmmm .. now I’ve seen what you mean – you’re right it seems there’s a space, I’ve checked it with the chrome dev tools – but there’s no space at all ?? after updating

After adding cron job got error too many request.. and not able to fetch products manually…

I got those too sometimes on my installations, espec. when coming to variations – but this is not steady – for quick checks try to perform a search through the “Search for Items” section in the backed


This may sound like a silly question but to use this script all I need is my Amazon affiliate id is that right? The reason why I am asking is I dont have my APIS yet.


as stated in the item details (requirements – amazon) you need the API-Credentials for the full funcional zStore (auto-retreaval of data from amazon servers …)

but I’ve added a method to import item data without the need of API-credentials, you can test out this feature in the backend (Products/Items -> parse HTML to get Product Data)



jmaerk Purchased

Is there anyway to determine and display on the item pages if the price posted is for new, used, collectible or refurbished?


not out of the box – please geive me some time to figure out possbile ways – I’ll continue in this thread in a few days – a bit busy these days…

best wishes


I’m back :)

the information would be there in the JSON Response – I’m grabbing all Offer and Listing Resources, (to be more exact, I’m grabbing ALL data except the RentalOffers Reources) but not all of these information is stored i the database
so it’s there – if you have some programming skills you could go through all json files in your cache directory and use these information to add to your items
more information here

maybe I will add more data from the JSON to the database in one of the next versions, so it would be easier to display any kind of information …



I need a plugin which does this with amazon affiliate:

- Based on the predefined search keyword it will show products recommendation in frontend to vistors.

- Product link will be a affiliate link

- Products shown will be from the visitors country amazon store.

Like a visitor from India will be shown products from, from us it will show from

Please let me know if this plugin can do this.

Thank you.


Based on the predefined search keyword it will show products recommendation in frontend to vistors.
not completely out of the box, but doable. – if you use the search function you will always get 10 items at maximum from amazon live and directly, if you would use your categories you could get all items of it, beacause they are already imported to your database – you can test ut this beaviour in the german demo – search for “hexagon”, you will first get all items of the store and at the bottom the amazon live results

- Product link will be a affiliate link
lets take the hexagon results example from above: there the amazon search results are linked as items of the store (they will be imported when not part of the store automatically) – but it’s possible to link them directly to amazon with the affiliate link as well – can be set in the backend

Products shown will be from the visitors country amazon store.
out of the box it’s only possible to handle one marketplace at once – but with some tweaks it should be possble to adapt the script to fit this needs – but therefor some web developer/php skills are needed


Ich bekomme beim Import der einzelnen ASINs immer wieder folgendes angezeigt:

--ERROR ASIN: Array ( [0] => TooManyRequests The request was denied due to request throttling. Please verify the number of requests made per second to the Amazon Product Advertising API. )


bei allen oder immer wieder zwischendurch

sollte es zwischendurch sein liegt dies vermutlich an möglichen Variationen des Items, die er da auch noch versucht zu fetchen

oder passiert dies bei allen und auch bei API Check?



apping Purchased

I have found that the script is not fully GDPR compliant. Is there a possibility to secure the loading of external images legally better? e.g. to enable the loading of images only after confirmation of the GDPR cookie banner, for example by consenting to the cookie banner? Or is it enough to state in the data protection declaration that special interest is sufficient to load external images? How does the developer in Europe do it with his own pages?


was thinking abot this issue the last days

I have to say that I’m not sure to just tell that the images are hosted on amazon servers,
if not a possibility could be to don’t display images (maybe replacing them with placeholders) until the visitors accept GDPR T&Cs or juts don’t allow to access the whole store without accepting the terms

another idea: according to amazon rules we are not allowed to download the product images and host them on our servers but maybe it’s okay to use a php script as image source which goes through the single amazon images – so amazon is not calling the image but the server itself ??


Will this script work for (India) and what is the hosting requirements? I think this is the complete script right?

hi there

script should work with any marketplace supported by the amazon pa api 5.0 (India is supported)

please check out the API Check for your credentials in the backend of the demo to make sure your API-Kay is active and valid

what is the hosting requirements?
requirements are stated in the item details

And yes, it’s the complete script

best wishes

i need the generation of a sitemap urgently, this is key for the seo today, have you thought about it before? the prodmap.php is not accepted from the google search console.

I explain myself better, if I use this route: mysite/sitemap.xml I get error 404, but if I use this one: mysite/sitemap.xml.php I get error 500.

I didn’t find anything in the error log, is very strange, the route: mysite/sitemap.xml.php it works locally.

as there ’s no rewrite rule (yet) for sitemap.xml you’ll get a 404

the 500 is more “interesting” – for such an error there should be an usful entry in error_log

maybe you can break down the code and see where it lies (... there are not that much lines)


I’ll wait for the new version, I couldn’t get this mac form to work, unfortunately.

how can we check cron job is grabbing products.. as at present my product list is around 10000 to be grab or import.. And daily its increase automatically..

Also try to import product categories at the time product import by cron job or manually.. Pls help

i want to import specific products like bikes , scooters and spareparts.. and i can import it successfully.. but after few days few products automatically in list to be import which are not related bikes or scooters or any spareparts…it might be cosmetic products, clothing or any other niche products…pls help me to import particular category products or for particular niche products

good morning,

in the backend on the products/items listing you see the different sources of the items, where/why they are imported

items can, but don’t have to, be part of your store as search result, as related items of store items (regardless their source), as parent from child, as child from parent …

you can manage these behaviour:
  • default for new items in backend config
  • for single items on item modification page
  • for already imported items in “Multi-Product Operations”


i am saying about categories of amazon products which we are downloading.. at present it shows in uncategory list.. if you can make default category or import products with main category than it will more helpful… uncategories products showing on product map not on store

Hi. It is possible to calculate shipping in cart? Also can i change cart to “Buy on zmazon” button?


as far as I know I yet get only the Information “IsFreeShippingEligible” in the Offers – but not the Shipping costs, if there are any – API Documentation here:

Also can i change cart to “Buy on zmazon” button?

you can modify the item to fit your needs, including renaming of buttons, while almost all of the text can be managed in the language section in the backend


Thanks. Is it possible to display related products or are they just random from a given category?


Until Amazon relase an update supporting the SimilarityLookup the zStore suggestion will display Search Results for items Brand and if applicable Actors on item pages as suggestions.

you can display random items of the same category and/or results mentioned above

can be set sidewise and/or productwise


Hello, congratulations, it is a nice and smart product, for Nordics Sweden-Denmark-Norway, can it be used? Do you offer installation and configuration service? Thank you!


Hello, congratulations, it is a nice and smart product

thanks :)

for Nordics Sweden-Denmark-Norway, can it be used?

it can be used for any marketplace supported by amazon ( – you can and should test your API Key in the backend of the demo

Do you offer installation and configuration service?

you could hire me for some workings, but installation and configuration is not a big deal

best wishes


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