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Hi! Can it be used with suitable marktplace of Brazil


if you have an active Amazon Product Adevertising API Key, yes

you can test your api key functionality in the backend of the demo -> (zConfig -> API Data Check)

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how to create sitemap


there is a product-map which shows the products of your store – you could use this as base for your sitemap

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1.22 help: why ?

MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘parent_asin’ in ‘field list’ When executing: update `zs1_products` set parent_asin = ’’, ean = ‘0742832525541’,

i have refresh setup ok..


so it works now? – was it a fresh installation or did you run updates?

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while i am trying to login in site its login succesfully but after login trying to click on any link like products categories, products etc.. again screen goes to login window


so you are calling your admin page and logging in successfully and you are still in the admin area and admin functions are working?

and while athenticated and when accessing the shop and you are try to click on any category you are forced to login to admin area?

that would be really strange, if I got you right

ahve you tried a different browser and/or removing cookies – could be a cookie issue

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yes absolutely correct what you understand..i did clear cache and cookies..even i have tried another browser, incognito mode etc..but still problem persist same.

and while athenticated and when accessing the shop and you are try to click on any category you are forced to login to admin area?
while you are you still authenticated and able to access admin area, right?

but this should work: authenticate into the zStore admin area and opening the store in an incognito browser instance

this behaviour cannot be reproduced by you in the demo, right?

maybe you like to send me the login url and the credentials to your zStore backend through my profile page

AND maybe your .htaccess file – if there are any special differences to the original

AND who’s your hoster?


Attention – Amazon PA API 4.0 might get turned off

last week (end of January) Amazon informed me, that they will shut down the Produt Advertising API 4.0 on March 9th this year. zStore uses this third party API mainly to get all the information from amazon, filling carts and handling updates.
I’ve dicussed this issue with Envato and with their compliance and the huge changes that are needed I will release a new item based on the new PA API 5.0
And I’ll try to include there a possibility to use zStore 1.x data to migrate to the new version of zStore.
I’ve dropped the price for this item and it will be removed when Amazon decides to turn off PA API 4.0 finally – it can be used until this day – but unfortunatelly this is outside of my control,
What I’ve read is that amazon has announced this API update months ago, but only to great partners of them and so we sadly have this short timeslot – and what I’ve read too is that in the past the shutdown date was shifted several times, so maybe API 4.0 can last a few more months ??
more infomation can be found here:

zStore 1.25 released

this will be the last update for zStore 1.x – currently I’m working on a new item based on the Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0 and you should be able to upgrade to – if wished

what’s coming wit 1.25:
- [added]: API-5.0 support for cart functions, when switching to API5 in config
- [added]: converting API-4.0 product links into API-5.0 links, when switching to API5 in config
- [modified]: disabling amazon search results and amazon product suggestions, when switching to API5 in config
- ... some small fixes and improvements
.... with these updates you should still be able to run your site with your current data/items stock

after Amazon decides to turn off their Product Advertising API 4.0 you won’t be able to:
- import product data
- use amazon search results
- get updates for prices or ratings
- get amazon suggestions on item pages

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Hi, when will the new version (2.x?) of zstore for PA API 5.0 come?


I’m currently working on it and hope I’m able to release it in February – then we have to wait for the approval of Envato

Attention: it will be another item – as mentioned there won’t be any updates on 1.x

I’ll post news here


Helllo, is this script automated or do i have add items manually… when do you think you can publish the new version for PA API 5.0


idea is to add items (as ASIN, HTML-Code can be parsed) manually and categorize them as you need
additional the search can be used to get items imported (product of your site) with the search and/or the suggested items by amazon

I hope I’m able to finish and up zStore z5 as new item in February. The we have to wait for Envato to approve the item – so it should/could be avail in the first days of March


Meta descriptions and meta keywords not updated automatically and also search keywords product wise..


yes, they are not updated automatically (without any user interaction) as there’s not a function built in

you can update these information by editing the the items itself


I am not that much technical person. And that’s why I can’t able to do it by myself. Would like to suggest you kindly consider this into next updates

I am not that much technical person.
with “you can update these information by editing the the items itself” I meant you can do this in the backend by editing item information – no programming skills needed

Would like to suggest you kindly consider this into next updates
how do you think such a feature should look like, where should the short description come from, and where the keywords and search strings???
amazon doesn’t provide such information

and as stated a time ago this item zstore 1.x won’t get any updates any longer

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when i add new item it shows Item Data will be imported soon

imported soon is maybe a bit misleading – it would only be imported soon if you import the item either by fetching data in the backend or using the cron job

can you explain a bit more, how i can import product by using this tool?

how did you import items the last 8 months?

the way is to import ASINs then using fetch data or the cron job

you can use the “Quick-Import single ASIN” tool with enabled “jump direct to Product Edit” option to import ASIN and Data in one batch

are your api credentials working when doing an api check?