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Its a good server. However my main gripe with it is the coupling to the username and chat packets. I would like to see a version of this server that is blank and clean ready to be dropped in as a win-sock replacement to any project and let the individual project’s designer use it as he or she see’s fit.

At first I was planning on just giving the blank concept without any packet system but then I felt that maybe some designers may have some hard time implementing a chat system, therefore I added all of the basic concepts of a chat system. I think its a great Idea though to add that blank version to the project. I will have that updated soon along with a new feature I’m planning to add.

Hi, Any update?

Can create and manage a different group of users, to sent message just by group?

Can you develop this app in php?


Well there is no option for creating different user groups, but you can do that from your client-side easily.

At the moment there is no PHP version of zServer.

Hi Thanks for your response, I’m not a programmer, the user options can be added to the the side? Can this could be developed as a desktop banner messaging tool?

Sorry, the question should be if the group option can be added to the script? Also ssl is supported? or how the security will be managed? I like the concept, do you have intention to add more features to the script?


Well with the zServer all users are connected to a one big grouping system. You can have private conversations between users and you can also globally chat to every user connected to zServer. If you have ever used MIRC its kind of like that. As far as security goes there is no SSL included however encryption’s like base64 can be done to the server. At the moment I do not have any intentions to add more features. I don’t quite understand what you mean with desktop banner messaging tool, could you provide an example? or a description? Also I would be more than happy to help you with your project if needed.

Is the source code included or is this purely DLL only?

Everything is included, source code and a working DLL

Was very pleased with the quick reply! Made a purchase! Look forward to diving in and have a play! Thanks!

A little disappointed with this.. I was expecting a little more after reading all the hype on the advert for it.. If you’re expecting a working messenger/chat program then this ISNT the finished article, its more an example for the basis of a TCP /IP Socket program.. I’ve had to spend hours editing code just to get it to do something simple.. :-(

There is no need for editing the code, the server already comes with a simple documentation on how to establish connection and how to interact with other users. It is not a complete chat program along with a nice GUI , its just the core and library with basic functions to start a TCP /IP server. As long as you follow the simple guide you wont get lost :)

Are there any updates planned for this?

Hello. Really need to update the source code to support in VS2012

Looks like the author has disappeared?! :-( I’ve made a new multi-user chat program thats based on WCF & VB.net if anyone is interested?

Hi f135ta, Can you post it somewhere? thnx

Is the Source code available?

Is the code in VB or C #?