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I got your zqdatagrid plugin set up. Very nice so far. I’m having an issue with one feature. I can’t seem to get the image to load into my filecache folder. The image name is in the database fine, but it doesn’t make it’s way to the folder and the code doesn’t fail anywhere. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

looks like you got it solved :)

Yes, solved. Thank you. This was just a local setting issue with XAMPP. It’s up on my hosting site and working fine. Thank you.

I also tried to add the wysiwg feature to example 2 by simply swapping out input with wysiwg for the 5th column in formatter. I get an error: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘cleditor’ on line 1148 of zqdatagrid.js. Is there something else that needs to be done? Your code snippet from your example doesn’t match the code example.


My second comment above is solved. I forgot to include the cleditor library and css.

shows that “Error: NETWORK_ERR: XMLHttpRequest Exception 101)” what should I do?

Its a server transaction error. Check your ajax transactions.

I feel cheated .. I lost my money. I bought a lot envato and is the first time I feel unsatisfied. dowiigo bought two products and none works .. and there they support. should return the money.

Hi, as you can see lots of people bought them :) and yes, they work :) feel free to Contact to my email if you need Help!

Can this be used under a MSSQL server?

Hi, can be used with any ODBC connector. So if you connect to your MSSQL server via ODBC it will work.

Preview isn’t working either

Hi, sorry for the long absence … Unfortunately due to health problems. Will start checking everything this weekend. Thank you and sorry one more time.

Demo link doesn’t work

demo link are out

If you use the “Where” , don’t miss to use a “and” before your condition Ex : “and ID>10” ,you win 2 hours ^^

But it’s a very good script :)

For the future version : -block or autorize the possibility to modifie directly one img with the mouse -and (but i not tested ) upload an img with a random name or no


Ok after test ,i think you miss the possibility to erase a file , not only in the database but in the directory :/

Hi i purchased zqdatagrid, i need your support on how to connect to a postgresql 9 database. Am stuck

Its 3 days now without any support!!! I really need your guidance

I think , i need a refund , this script is not very good if you had files/images

i use this script for Ads with photo ,in my member section
-if the user upload image but miss or cancel to update/validate , the photo is not
deleted on the system
-if the user erase an ads with the erase button , the name of the file is erased in
mysql table ,but not on the server

img cemetary on the server :/

Live Preview fails

I just purchased this program, having an error “ZqDatagrid class not found in configuration.php line 69” Any ideas, thanks


// Database information
define("ZQ_CONN", "MYSQL"); //DB Mode: MYSQL or ODBC
define("ZQ_TYPE", "MYSQL"); //DB Mode type: MYSQL or MSSQL
define("ZQ_DB_USERNAME", "root"); //DB Username
define("ZQ_DB_PASSWORD", ""); //DB Password
define("ZQ_DB_HOSTNAME", "localhost:81"); //Hostname or Hostame\SQL Server instance
define("ZQ_DB_DATABASE", "zqdatagrid"); //DB Database
define("USE_LOG", false); //Record queries ? (use log?)

I did everything and does not load the example. Can anyone help me?
Error loading file Example1.html:
There was a critical error! SyntaxError: Unexpected token <)

Hello team, good project but it not support bigdata (when you have more than 1000 entries)! How to do?