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hello i test your script and i change some line to convert in pdo like this ( because my site is in pdo )

after my connect in pdo i change this in your index.php in mysql folder
$params['selected_page'] = ( (int) $_GET['page'] == 0) ? 1 : $_GET['page']; $total = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM trajet"); $total->execute(); $rows = $total->fetchAll(); $params['total_items'] = $total->num_rows; /*$total = $dbh->query("SELECT * FROM trajet") or die("SQL Error #1"); $params['total_items'] = $total->num_rows;*///// your script $params['items_per_page'] = 10; $params['url'] = 'index.php?page=%s'; // Run Zpager $zp = new ZPager($params); $limitStatement = $zp->getLimitSql(); // Get Rows From DB $getRows = $dbh->query("SELECT * FROM trajet "); while($row = $getRows->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ)){ /*while($row = $getRows->fetch_assoc()) {*/ // $rows[] = $row; $rows->$row; }

the data in the table are displayed correctly but the pagination does not appear

can you help me please ?


As moving forward we stopped any support via emails beside we don’t provide any support via comments, the only way to get support just open support ticket here and our team will take 24-48 to reply:

ok i send you a message in your support website

This is a great little script. I highly recommend it.

Thanks a lot :)

Can you show the code to use it, both php and in templates? That would make it much easier for us to decide to buy it or not…

Thanks a lot for your feedback bro ! :)


Is there an example with the use with Ajax and Mysql?

Thanks! Mick

Using AJAX is the same as MySQL example included with ZPager the different is that you have handle calling page with AJAX and this is very simple with jQuery

I am setting it up following the mysql example pretty much exactly and cant get past an error of a white screen that just prints sd

thats it “sd”

that is the weirdest error ever :-) anyway, my tracking led to everything running fine and then halts everything after running this line:

$zp = new ZPager($params);

so it looks like somewhere in your class file ZPager.php which has nothing to do with the rest of the code, is doing this. Nothing I can do apparently but ask for your help

hopefully you have seen this simple unexplained error “sd” before.

my include to the file is fine

same thing if the file is in the root folder.


I was able to solve what was the issue. I discussed it and a solution on your support site. I have gotten it to work and it is the best pagination solution I have seen. Only a fool would code it by hand when they can get this for $8. :-) Very simple and it works. good job!

Thanks a lot for your appreciation :)

Thank you very much for writing something so useful! :)

Thanks all for your support and your lovely words :)