ZozoUI does not currently provide support for this item.

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no longer offering support :(

Seems like developer no longer provides support and updates.

@ZozoUI, HTML5 videos will not autoplay inside the tab content. Please advise! Your help is appreciated.

Pre-Purchase question. I need to make a page with the nested tabs option. When the viewport is down to mobile, is there any way to just show a left and right arrow instead of stacking all of the tabs?

Hello Team,

I need the wordpress tutorial asap. Waiting from two days to hear from you via email.

Regards, Adnan.

When will you release wordpress version?

This tabs plugin is awesome. I was able to use it to create many different tab layouts for a site simply by modifying the css and using some creativity. It sizes down very well to mobile. Thank you for developing this.

Dont know if you still read these comments, I also sent an email. But I purchased a copy of zozo tabs, love it! One issue though Im having. When you view the tabs in mobile and it shows that drop down menu, anytime I click a tab inside that drop down menu any link inside that tab underneath it gets clicked as well. How can I fix that?

So if I was on a tab that showed a photo gallery and then wanted to click over to a different tab, that photo would pop up as well because when I clicked over to the other tab, it activated the photo that was underneath the link I clicked. Hope that makes sense.


gk Purchased

hi! how can we show google map in tab?

Please, help for https://www.domsdan.com/novostrojka-svetogor.html – there not open maps on the other tabs



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Does not work with jquery 3

uBlock Origin is blocking your demo sites script at “http://s3.amazonaws.com/ki.js/45041/8SM.js”

You may want to move your required file.

Hey ZoZo, there is a problem with your instructions on your http://docs.zozoui.com/tabs/ page, under “easing”. I finally figured it out, but it looks like the section above easing was just duplicated. I couldn’t figure out why my easing wasn’t working, and it was because type was set to “css” instead of “jquery”, but that’s because this is the section where the text is just duplicated from the section above easing.

Hopefully the fix in the instructions will help other new comers to your script. It’s really great!

The jQuery “style” variable when set to “contained” when using the flat styles has issues when viewed on phone. The container disappears. Can you fix this?


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Anyone having trouble getting this to work with jQuery 3.

Please note that the .size() method was deprecated in jQuery 1.8. Read https://api.jquery.com/size/

Use the .length property instead.

To get my copy working again I replaced the following in zozo.tabs.js

lines 1611 & 1665

_base.settings.original.count = parseInt(_base.$tabs.size());


_base.settings.original.count = parseInt((_base.$tabs).length);

NOTE: .size() also appears in the code at the getLast function on line 1956

getLast: function (_base) { if (_base.settings.noTabs === true) { return parseInt(_base.$container.children(“div”).size()-1); } return parseInt(_base.$tabGroup.children(“li”).size()-1); },

These have not caused any issues for me, but I’m fairly sure they will need changing also, possibly to something like…

return parseInt(_base.$container.children(“div”).length-1);

return parseInt(_base.$tabGroup.children(“li”).length-1);

(I’m not a JS developer, so I could be wrong on the above, but any advice is welcome ;-)

Hope this helps someone out.

Cheers ;-)

Shoutout to the developer! This is the most amazing script i have bought on Codecanyon. It’s very well coded and documented.

If you are wondering about buying it, but holding back because of the developer doesn’t support it anymore.. I just wanna let you know this item is still amazing in 2017 even if it hasn’t been updated since 2014! Go for it :)

Thank you for this amazing tab script, by far the best tab script! :)

Hello! I’m having issues with having working Deep Linking and Nested Tabs together.

If I enable Deep Linking, there’s no default active Nested Tab. If you navigate to a parent Tab, its Nested Tab doesn’t have a default active tab either.

How can I leave Deep Linking on and have the first Nested Tab always open by default?



how to install the plugin under WordPress with Avada Theme?

Best regards


GeorgN Purchased

Hello, a few days ago I sent you the email (support@zozoui.com) and other from web to receive the wordpress tutorial of Zozo Tabs that you provide. Please, can you send it to me as soon as posible? In advance thank you very much.

Hi, I just bought your tab controller plugin.

On our project we have been using jquery version : 3.2.1 and on your library, you are using the Jquery version 1.8.2

Therefore while we are trying to initialize zozo on jquery, it generated an error : “ _base.$tabs.size is not a function”

Do you have the updated zozo library that supports lates jquery versions ? Or how can we able to overcome this problem ?

Last updates , 3 years ago!!!!????

for wordpress its available ?