ZozoUI does not currently provide support for this item.

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no longer offering support :(

Seems like developer no longer provides support and updates.


tkmkt Purchased

@ZozoUI, HTML5 videos will not autoplay inside the tab content. Please advise! Your help is appreciated.


ea1971 Purchased

Pre-Purchase question. I need to make a page with the nested tabs option. When the viewport is down to mobile, is there any way to just show a left and right arrow instead of stacking all of the tabs?

Hello Team,

I need the wordpress tutorial asap. Waiting from two days to hear from you via email.

Regards, Adnan.

When will you release wordpress version?

This tabs plugin is awesome. I was able to use it to create many different tab layouts for a site simply by modifying the css and using some creativity. It sizes down very well to mobile. Thank you for developing this.


sillysoft Purchased

Dont know if you still read these comments, I also sent an email. But I purchased a copy of zozo tabs, love it! One issue though Im having. When you view the tabs in mobile and it shows that drop down menu, anytime I click a tab inside that drop down menu any link inside that tab underneath it gets clicked as well. How can I fix that?

So if I was on a tab that showed a photo gallery and then wanted to click over to a different tab, that photo would pop up as well because when I clicked over to the other tab, it activated the photo that was underneath the link I clicked. Hope that makes sense.