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And another question :) I just read this here on your product page: COMING SOON V.5.0 with a lot new features and api methods Is that new version coming any time soon?

I would like to buy this Accordion, I’m planning to implement this in Magento 2.0. Please provide your feedback whether it will support with Magento 2.0 with all actions including responsive and touch-friendly.

Hi! You saved my life with this plugin! Thank you very much :) There is just one thing, that I need to do and I can not figure out how… I use a horizontal accordion in full-screen. I want to remove the header (or hide) and use the content panels instead of this. But I still want the panels to have the same overlapping appearence. Is there any possibility to do this? I need this really bad and I am on a very tight timeline… :( only 4 days to go ;-) Any help would be great! Thank you!! :)


Can I add any custom post type in the Accordion Navigation Menu?

is anybody able to install this plugin into current WP version? It won’t work for me.

I was trying to find an example of a horizontal accordion that would display on a smartphone as landscape. do you have 1?


mididata Purchased

I need put the arrows in the left side. How to do please ?

How to use this destroy method? Can’t find any hint in your online documentation of v6.5…