ZORK war! ☝ (Android Studio, Admob & more) Ready to publish!

ZORK war! ☝ (Android Studio, Admob & more) Ready to publish!

♦♦♦ Rangers: Zork War! ♦♦♦

Five Zork strike against other conquerors from another galaxy!

You can earn point by destroying enemies planes, you have also the ablity to use a shield that protects you from their shots and bullets.

You can call up the Ultra Zork in order to rid you from an intensive attack of enemies.

This game is made with Buildbox. You just need to follow the documentation stap by stap, replace of same size images and also you just change main screen and other simple easy things… then upload game on Play Store and earn revenue from Admob

✔ Main Features:
● More the fifty random scenes, Endless gameplay!
● Flexible Joy stick gameplay control.
● Interesting and exclusive graphics and sounds.
● Different and diverse enemies to defeat, and heros to play with.
● Many functional buttons (Rate, Share, Shop, Pause, Sound On/Off, Restart).
● Other things you shall discover it!

☝ For the FIRST buyer!!! You can publish it without change any graphics. It will be the first in any store!

✔ You will get:
● Full ready Android studio & Eclipse template.
● HTML Documentation with detailed explanation about the whole project and how to deal with it from A to Z.

✔ Requirements:
● Android Studio or Eclipse
● Photo editor ( Adobe Photoshop, etc…)

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