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Could this Timeline intergrate into Umbraco CMS?

You could by importing the css file and writing the html, but obviously it won’t have any backend interface.


What is the earliest year that the time line will support?


Any year. It can even be 1000 BC if you choose custom text


How easy is it to incorporate everything into an existing Joomla site?

You just need to find a way to include a css file ( in joomla )

and then just paste the html code provided

Should be possible in Joomla



We get your plugin recently and we need to know if is possible to make clickable the image of de timeline to another page, add an anchor somewhere.

Regards, Dolors


Yes, CSS won’t allow complex behaviour for anchor tags

- you can only do this possible via the javascript version – https://codecanyon.net/item/zoomtimeline-3d-slider-timeline/16410098

Which lets you click the item , and then on second click it will process the anchor .. as I think is your expected behavior


Can we try a demo version of this other plugin, please?

We don’t have demo version at the moment


Hello – the sliding timeline (at the top of your example) does not work in IE. Is there a simple way to fix this?


Which IE Version

We only support IE11 / Edge


Do you have a demo version that validates?


We’ll add valid version in next update


Hello, is it possible to remove the date in the slider ?


Just add this css

.zoomtimeline.mode-3dslider .details-container .detail .the-year{ display:none; }


The ZoomTimeline Features says, compatible with all major browsers, including IE – compatible from IE9 to IE11, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

But, IE dosen’t work with your product. Check it out.

my email is jwkoh@fidescomz.com

Thank you.

Yes, sorry – it was a typo

Only IE supported are 11 and Edge

Just tested in Edge and all modes work fine


Hello IE 11 doesn’t work, the timeline is not showing. Edge works fine. You can check it here : http://imgur.com/a/3jIju

Should be available for download tomorrow


Nice Thanks Radu ! Btw your code is awesome ;)

Thank you! Much appreciated!


I just purchased your timeline but I thought it was a WordPress plugin. Could I please have a refund as I don’t have the time to implement this into a WordPress page and will have to find a different solution.

Thank you, Aaron Niziol

Hello Aaron

WordPress Version

– get it from there

Send me request here – https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new


Hi, just purchased your file, great example of a nice coding practice, however I have a question, I’m using the 3d model but is not starting with the first one and is not loading any image, but when you start scrolling the images appear, I might be doing something wrong so, wondering if you can take a look and let me know? Here’s the link, you need to click on Our Method to scroll down and see the timeline: http://thenewmedia.studio/gianni/rek/ Thank you!





<input type="radio" name="radio_btn" id="it6">


<input type="radio" name="radio_btn" id="it6" checked/>

this will be the start item


Thanks Radu, that did the trick

Hi. I’m trying to change the initial item on 3D mode of the timeline. From what I saw in your code I just need to adjust the option “data-options=”{startItem: 3}” to the number 1. The problem is that this change made no effect. Is there a problem with cache or am I doing it the wrong way? (Sorry for any mistakes on english but I’m from Brazil). Thanks anyway.

Just saw your answer above. I posted the comment before looking for other comments. Thanks again. Solved.


The instructions don’t make sense. I have a php responsive website.

l you have to do for installing on your site (ie. yoursite.com) is copy the contents of the /source folder to a folder.

I have my own css file – can I put the css file in there and this in my head <link href=”css/zoomtimeline.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Must I keep eveything in the source folder together ? or can I put the js elsewhere and the css elsewhere?

What is the zoomtimeline.css.map ? where does it go? What does the img file in the zoomtimeline folder do ? Do I need to put it somewhere and where?

What does the style folder in the source folder do? Do I need it if so where does it go?

source/js contains jquery.js and main js. I already have a jquery file runnig other site apps. What do these do? Do I nned them and where do they go. I guess I need the main.js can I put this in my own js folder?

Do I nned the source img folder? or do I put my own images in there

Setup on Local Server

Step 2 – copy the folder /dzsscroller, /zoomtimeline, /zoombox into your project folder

i do not see a /dzsscroller or /zoombox in the source folder

Let me know if you want my purchase code. I do not want to post it publicly.

correction – I have my own css folder outside of the source folder – can I put the css file in there and this in my head <link href=”css/zoomtimeline.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Also the masonry is not working.

We’ll fix


I mean the masonry is not even working in the envato demo – I think I want a refund.

Maybe I should have gotten this ? ZoomTimeline for CornerStone – Timeline Pack

The masonry works in this demo. What can we do? I am most unhappy.

sorry,Can not rwd

Hi there,

Could you please email me an invoice for the item I’ve just purchased?


Thank you irina

Hello irina

You will find in my account > statement


Hi there

I´ve purchased you library since the demo looks quite well. However I cannot make it work as I wish.

I´m triying to set the mode 3d slicer as shown here: http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/zoomtimeline-css-timeline-pack/full_screen_preview/16918891?_ga=2.7644018.1168588044.1498148604-35055208.1498050490

Specifically, my problem is I cannot set the initial item to item 0. I´ve found the property startItem: 1 of data-options but it won´t change the initial one.

How can I manage to change it to begin with the initial one?

Thank you very much – please rate 5/5

Hey there one more question came to my mind:

How can I allow the left side to behave as the right side of the timeline? Apparently, the left side shows only a blank rectangle while the rigth side shows the coming items. Is there a built in way to fix that?

Yes, it’s built that way because of CSS limitations

If you need full javascript version it’s here – http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/zoomtimeline-3d-slider-timeline/full_screen_preview/16410098?_ga=2.56027819.1686912618.1498468653-555947154.1492073757