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awesome slider

Thanks man!

Great job! is there a way to add buttons to go directly to item #number on ‘click’??

Yes, sure

First you need to assign a id to your timeline


<div id="zt1" class="zoomtimeline mode-3dslider auto-init skin-dark" /> .... 

Then add any button

<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById(" zt1="" return="" false="">gotoitem 2</a>

Send me PM via my profile I can send you updated code


I suppose it would not be very difficult to add a link on the active slide, to another timeline, in order to create a drill down timeline? For instance clicking on te 1985 slide would give a new timeline with all 1985 months or events?

Could be done if you transform the item markup in an anchor

Do you need an example


I was able to put a link in the text. However, I would like the link to be on the slide itself. So far I did not get that to work. Do you have an example?

My images are too wide (602px) – so the next date info is not visible. how can i increase the space between the dates in the background?

at the moment f.e. when i have June 16, the next date shown is “June 18”, although i have June 17 in the slider.


I just updated the script for you so you can have year padding option

        <div class="zoomtimeline mode-3dslider auto-init" data-options="{
startItem: 2
            ,mode_3dslider_item_width: '602'
            ,mode_3dslider_year_padding: '35'


Two questions. 1 is this a wordpress plugin. and 2 is there a way to change the dates to names. I want to use it to show lineages


1. Yes we have wordpress version in our portfolio

2. Yes


Hi, I want to buy this plugin but I have questions. First, is it possible to add a slider to it? Can we see all the markers (etc years)? Second, is it possible to change dates to hours like “00:15:00”? I need a start and end, for example 00:00:00 and 03:21:00, and want to see all the minutes in this timeline, and want to slide left and right to see the content with specific time. With doing that, I expect to keep thr 3D effect on the upper side. Is this possible? How can I customize it? Thanks

Yes, that can be done

Do you want to sync the timeline with the video ?

Not necessarily, but we can use it later as that way. Is there an example with a slider and customizable timeline?

Not really – because this does not come prebundled with slider – you must integrate your own slider in the detail-image div

example slider that would work – http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/jquery-content-scroller-dzs/full_screen_preview/3827946 ( second example )

how customizable is this theme? 1. Can the timeline location but placed else where on the screen? instead of in the middle. 2. Can the user click on a specific year and it scrolls to that date? 3 Can more that just two images be semi transparent?


1. You can place it anywhere. ( left / center / right aligned )

2. For now only mouse / keyboard navigation – on customization it’s possible to make a year list and when click on any year to go there.

3. A maximum of 5 is allowed


Looks very promising, All the best.



geocwl Purchased

Hi, I have an issue on IE 11. The slider dimension didn’t show up and all contents positioning at the center. You may check the page at http://www.kossan.com.my/about-us/our-heritage.html

Thank you.


Send me an pm via my profile – I can send you an update


gainza Purchased

Hi, need next and previous buttons function, ..easy to implement?


API Next / Button

<a href="" onclick="document.getElementById("timelineid").api_goto_item_next(); return false">NEXT BUTTON</a>