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What SCSS rule am i changing to change the color of the border and the line timeline color?


body .zoomtimeline.mode-3dslider .yearlist-con:after, .zoomtimeline.mode-3dslider .yearlist-con .yearlist .year figure{ background-color: #ff0000; }

Add this to your site css

Or in scss you can just modify this line

$color_highlight : rgba(220, 167, 167, 1);


Change $color_highlight on line 24 or 1661 doesn’t change anything

Do yo uhave a scss compiler installed ?

Have you tried the other line ?


My client is viewing the plugin in IE11 which displays it slightly differently. I presume this is unavoidable or can anything be done?

Many thanks


Hello David

I just submitted latest update

It should fix

You will get mail when you can download in 1-2 days


Hello, Great product you’ve put together. I’m wondering if there is anything in the CSS you’ve written that would allow for the headings of the 3D slider images to only be visible for the primary one being viewed?

Also, I’m noticing a fair bit of lag on my galaxy s7 with my implementation (www.sociologix.ca). I’ve tried yours on the same device and there is minimal lag. I thought my problems might be due to the larger size images I’m using (~300kb for some), so I tried smaller size between 70-90 kb, and the lag persisted. No need to solve this problem, I’m just curious if you might know something off the top of your head that might cause lag in the transitions.

Thank you in advance for the help, Patrick

Hello Patrick

What browser are you using in your s7 ? About 300kb should be okay , maybe they will optimize their browser and hardware acceleration in an update as 3d css3 is kind of new


Hi, I recently bough this template, and it’s awesome, but I’m getting a problem with it when using with angular.

When I access my site the Slider loads correctly, but when I go to another page and them come back to the Slider page, it didn’t load.

Can you show me a link ?

Is it ajax site ?


it’s an angularJs site, you can access: You should click on “About” and them on “Home”, when the page is reload the slider is not loaded.

there is a javascript code that I can use to manually load the slider dynamically, after the page is loaded?

I am not familiar with angular but I am familiar with AJAX

Basically you need to re initialize the timeline

dzsztm_init('.zoomtimeline.auto-init', {init_each: true});

after your ajax call load

The first time it works because it calls that function from jQuery document load in the script

Hello ZoomIt, I want to use a video instead of an image, how can I do it?

Best regards.


What mode are you using ?


Hello, I’m using the 3D Slider Timeline. and How can i make my images being resized instead of cropped at the same mode?

Best Regards.


There is no support for the video at the moment

And the image adjusts in the given container. The images can only have one size at the moment, so the images you choose must fit in the given container size ( you can adjust container size )


Although I am not looking for this type of slider, (a general image slide to advertise company features, etc..) could you make one that rotates slides based on a specific date?


That would be custom work


dear i buy it and when i need to install it its not working its told me uploaded successfully but wordpress say that

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

how can i fix it

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