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awesome slider

Thanks man!

Great job! is there a way to add buttons to go directly to item #number on ‘click’??

Yes, sure

First you need to assign a id to your timeline


<div id="zt1" class="zoomtimeline mode-3dslider auto-init skin-dark" /> .... 

Then add any button

<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById(" zt1="" return="" false="">gotoitem 2</a>

Send me PM via my profile I can send you updated code


I suppose it would not be very difficult to add a link on the active slide, to another timeline, in order to create a drill down timeline? For instance clicking on te 1985 slide would give a new timeline with all 1985 months or events?

Could be done if you transform the item markup in an anchor

Do you need an example


I was able to put a link in the text. However, I would like the link to be on the slide itself. So far I did not get that to work. Do you have an example?

My images are too wide (602px) – so the next date info is not visible. how can i increase the space between the dates in the background?

at the moment f.e. when i have June 16, the next date shown is “June 18”, although i have June 17 in the slider.


I just updated the script for you so you can have year padding option

        <div class="zoomtimeline mode-3dslider auto-init" data-options="{
startItem: 2
            ,mode_3dslider_item_width: '602'
            ,mode_3dslider_year_padding: '35'


Two questions. 1 is this a wordpress plugin. and 2 is there a way to change the dates to names. I want to use it to show lineages


1. Yes we have wordpress version in our portfolio

2. Yes


Hi, I want to buy this plugin but I have questions. First, is it possible to add a slider to it? Can we see all the markers (etc years)? Second, is it possible to change dates to hours like “00:15:00”? I need a start and end, for example 00:00:00 and 03:21:00, and want to see all the minutes in this timeline, and want to slide left and right to see the content with specific time. With doing that, I expect to keep thr 3D effect on the upper side. Is this possible? How can I customize it? Thanks

Yes, that can be done

Do you want to sync the timeline with the video ?

Not necessarily, but we can use it later as that way. Is there an example with a slider and customizable timeline?

Not really – because this does not come prebundled with slider – you must integrate your own slider in the detail-image div

example slider that would work – http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/jquery-content-scroller-dzs/full_screen_preview/3827946 ( second example )

how customizable is this theme? 1. Can the timeline location but placed else where on the screen? instead of in the middle. 2. Can the user click on a specific year and it scrolls to that date? 3 Can more that just two images be semi transparent?


1. You can place it anywhere. ( left / center / right aligned )

2. For now only mouse / keyboard navigation – on customization it’s possible to make a year list and when click on any year to go there.

3. A maximum of 5 is allowed


Looks very promising, All the best.



geocwl Purchased

Hi, I have an issue on IE 11. The slider dimension didn’t show up and all contents positioning at the center. You may check the page at http://www.kossan.com.my/about-us/our-heritage.html

Thank you.


Send me an pm via my profile – I can send you an update


gainza Purchased

Hi, need next and previous buttons function, ..easy to implement?


API Next / Button

<a href="" onclick="document.getElementById("timelineid").api_goto_item_next(); return false">NEXT BUTTON</a>


Hi, is there a way to make the timeline start automatically? So it moves through the slides on page load….


Not at the moment – but we’ll add this option in an update


OK thanks, I actually came up with my own solution to achieve autoplay. I have only just had a look at it on IE11, and the previous and next slides don’t appear. Do you know why this might be the case? It is the same in your Live Preview.

Send me a message I can send you fix for Ie11


hello, the component will not shown correct in internetexplorer11 – please let me know. thank you… by the way, great plugin – thanks

Send me a PM via my profile I can send you update