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Hi there! First of all, thank you, it’s a wonderful player and great piece of work! A few comments ago you mentioned a “10 seconds listened event via API”, but i couldn’t find that yet. Could you explain how to trigger this event?

Best regards, Alex

Hello Alex

Update to latest version and check source/index-api_example_play.html

I added 30 seconds interval example for you

Cheers! Radu


I am trying to write/retrieve comments in database from publisher.php. No mysqli query seems to work with database credential included in any part of the class. Something like this ........ ...........

if (isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action'] == 'dzsap_front_submitcomment') {

include ’..../db_connect.php’; $insert = (“INSERT INTO player_comments (id, etc, etc) VALUES (NULL,’etc’, ‘etc’”); $result_insert = $mysqli->query($insert); die(); }

Can you please advise?


Sorry, we don’t offer support for customizations


Ok Thanks, solved anyway. Just a question:

This template is working on FF but NOT WORKING on Chrome or Edge http://klapster.com/index-gallery-skin-aura.html once on server

see also this working on Firefox but NOT on CHROME and EDGE with full playlist code http://klapster.com/player_test.php?playlistid=19

in both cases on Edge and Chrome audio plays fine but player does not show. Thank you for letting me know, Federico

Hey Federico

Try latest version

Hi, Is there anything that ties your HTML Audio Player to Wordpress or will it work on any web site platform. Thanks Colin McGowan


This player will work in any platform


Am I able to generate waveforms without saving them? Our site uses ASP.net so PHP is not an option. A waveform is appearing but every refresh of the page displays a different waveform and it doesnt seem to match the audio file.I linked an image of the waveform in Adobe Audition and several screenshots of the page refreshed with different waveforms in the player.



If you are using different language then PHP, you can generate the waveforms yourself.

Just place the pcm data array in data-pcm attribute of songs




Hello! I have a question: How can I force to stop playing the first track in a playlist after the last one ends?

! In Settings I use “Loop playlist ? – OFF”

! In Player config settings – “Loop – OFF” “Preload method – Metadata” “Cue media – ON”.

! I have to use “Cue first media – Enable” (because otherwise the first track would play only after the second tap on play button or not play at all if I press it’s title or a thumbnail in the playlist).

So I suppose there should be some extra code that I can use or something to set for the last track in a playlist (that would totally stop it).

Thank you!

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Seems like my support has finished. But still this issue is an important bug in your plug-in that has to be fixed.

Hi, could you please advise, I have such issues and questions:

1. After I updated and used latest audioplayer.js my waveforms are not reflecto anymore. As I can see even in your examples (index-oneplayer-wave-external-scrub.html) it is different now. Is this how they gonna look from now on or?

2. Few months ago I asked you about the way to hide footer player and you advised me with the button where I should replace some code with another (it is here, in comment section), I did use it, but i doesn’t work and I get an error in console – Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘api_pause_media’ of undefined at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (audioplayer.js:13537) at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.min.js:3) at HTMLDocument.r.handle (jquery.min.js:3) (anonymous) @ audioplayer.js:13537 dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3 r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3 What can be done here? You can see my implementation on https://cindorra.com/explore

3. With multiple players everything is very heavy and buggy and the pages load very slow, even though I generated and saved all the waveforms in DB folder. Can you give any advises on optimization, maybe I missed something here? Thank you for your time!

https://cindorra.com/explore here, also I checked the player examples you provide in source files after update they changed too.

What it was and I’m trying to achieve here is similar to audiojungle waveforms look, the reflecto waveforms were solid now it’s in lines, if it makes sense to you

Aw you mean the space between waves

Just set

,skinwave_wave_mode_canvas_waves_padding: "1"