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sniks Purchased

the footer player does not seem to continue plying when i change pages

Can you show me a link ?

Must be a mistake in configuration



Download latest version and replace audioplayer folder

Should be fixed


Is it possible to add a button to footer player for hiding it? Could be handy on mobile devices when users don’t wanna see it and use only main players on the page.

It should work if you have latest update

For premade example check source/index-sticktobottom-charts.html


I cannot have the latest update since all the source files are modified by you.

You only need to update audioplayer/audioplayer.css and audioplayer/audioplayer.js and maybe publisher.php – so you can update these files safely

How to make share buttons work? I’m using multiplayer and currently managed to setup share buttons from examples, but when I click on the icon of a social network to share to, it gives me an error. - How do I make it work? Do I need some API keys from social networks? If so, in which file should I enter them? - If users click share do they share only one player from the page or the whole page of my website? Will be glad for any tips to make it work right, thank you!


Show me a link of your implementation

I will have a look

You do not need API key


I have sent all these issues to email dialogue we had before, please check it. Thank you!


it is possible a playlist with more tracks in the player ?

how i insert the player in my website ?

thanks & greetings Ben

Hey Ben

Yes you can add any number of tracks

This product is for html developers

For WordPress easy install check – https://codecanyon.net/item/zoomsounds-wordpress-wave-audio-player-with-playlist/6181433/



It is possible to make : ’Tags’ in ZoomSounds? That all the sounds stays in ‘category’s’ on your website?

Thanks! Greetz Ruben

Hee ZoomIt! Is good! How i can contact tou? Greetz Ruben

Hello ZoomIt, Can you please send me instructions? Greetz

Hey Ruben

Send me message via https://codecanyon.net/user/zoomit

I’ll send you instructions on mail

I have included the audio player in my website. Now I need to capture the total duration(listened). Please tell me the function to capture externally using the id of the audio. for example in jplayer i used to do myPlayer.data(“jPlayer”).status.currentTime;


console.info(document.querySelector('.audioplayer').api_get_time_curr());      console.info(document.querySelector('.audioplayer').api_get_time_total());


api_get_time_curr and api_get_time_total are the functions.


Google Drive, Amazon S3 Support ? If no, will you be adding this ?

This is html script

We offer as a bonus php dynamic functionality for saving and retrieving comments and wave data. Also soundcloud retrieving given you have a Soundcloud API Key

We offer no other apis

That said, if you have the direct link to the mp3 on amazon s3 or google drive it should work







I have an issue with the audio player on my website when I open it from mobile. I wonder if you can help what is the issue.

Your quickly response will be highly appreciated.


Thank you for your prompt response.

Here is my links: http://source.ps/panda/ http://source.ps/panda/voice-actors.html



Not sure what is the issue, – it will not load the mp3 at all on mobile but update to 4.40

You have 4.24

You just need to replace audioplayer folder.

Then I’ll have another look


By the way nice work on the site. Looks awesome

Hello! Trying to paste this track as a source link: https://soundcloud.com/eternallovemusic/the-moment-i-met-you

But I see the message that the Soundcloud API not defined

Could you help me, please?

If you do not have api key from soundcloud, no

The player supports soundcloud, but if you don’t have api key we cannot help


Ok! Is there a manual how to get it?

Registrations are now closed as stated


Hi there,

I’ve purchased this and I am really happy with it so far.

I’m looking to change the colour of of the generated scrubbar. Is this possible? If so, how do I go about changing it?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Mike

In audioplayer settings have these settings

            , design_color_bg: 'eeeeee' // --waveform background color..  000000,ffffff gradient is allowed
            , design_color_highlight: 'aa4444,ff2222' // -- waveform progress color


That’s fantastic, thank you very much.

I’m looking to add some opacity to the design_color_bg value. Is this possible, or can I use an rgba colour?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, None of the html files in the source folder works properly. I purchased this only and only for the player that shows the wave form and those actually show nothing. Yeah nothing is displayed in the browser (being a web developer for 10 years).

Is this player scam or something!!! Why is it so messed up? Why all the HTML files are failing?

The problem has been solved. Sorry for my tone.

Maybe modify the rating please ?

Thank you

I’m using 9 players on one page, and I am getting an error in the console…

VM17945:731 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to construct ‘AudioContext’: The number of hardware contexts provided (6) is greater than or equal to the maximum bound (6).

I’ve looked online and it seems like this issue might be fixable… https://github.com/collab-project/videojs-record/commit/04915dc08aed0bb60d26e5b7659f15d0860099f7

Live spectrum is still experimental in most browsers

You should not use it more then once per page



btdogan Purchased

Documentation is terrible and outdated. Could you please update it.

We will update soon

Thank you!


gn2015 Purchased

Really great player, full of options, must have taken ages to write this, but the docs are really lacking and outdated, I had to spend a couple of hours looking through other questions here just to get it working as the docs refer to a config file that no longer exists.

Have you got a current list of all available options please?


Thank you . We will improve documentation

Until then , you have many preset html-s from which you can start from scratch


This is a totally good script, I am very pleased – thank you!

Still, I have one question – I want to compress audioplayer.js but already the dynamically generated waves are not correct – that is, at refresh page, they are different. Can anything be done? Regards