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OK… bought your code en just tested it in Safari.. it doesn’t work, neither does your preview in safari. I should have checked. Can you make a quick update ?


I’ve tested the slider on multiple workplaces stations on safari and it works fine.

The only thing that I see wrong is that it doesn’t work from the first time on the live preview with the frame of envato on, so please try removing the frame(this is the direct link – http://www.alexandraipate.com/themeforest/zoomsliderv1/, or just click remove frame on page), test the script another time and if you still have problems send me a message privately.

thanks, A


I’m curious on how this is really suppose to work. I want to use just the slider. I do not want all of the options listed. If I delete them, then slider stops working. Also what is the cookie file for? Your documentation is pretty vague. Can you send me some better instructions please?


The cookie file is only for the live preview.

Can you give me your email to send you some instructions?

Cheers, A

is there a simple way to resize and center this script? thanks.

what do you mean by simple? and what size?

put a div container that has all the elements , set a custom width, margin:0px auto, and that should center it.

Buna Alex, planuiti o versiune wordpress?

Planuiam si o varianta wordpress, cred ca e pe terminate chiar, doar ca am cam intrerupt procesul daca varianta non-wordpress nu merge asa de bine.

Oricum orice e posibil :P

Pai fiti smart si faceti calumea pluginul, nu doar sa ia niste imagini din custom fielduri, sa fie chiar profi si atunci veti avea vanzari, pe astea statice e simplu, va copiaza sursa in draci si nu mai cumpara…pe wordpress e alta treaba :)

Salut Marius,

Imi place cum pui problema, o sa-ti explic insa pe email de ce nu merg treburile atat de simplu pe cat par a fi din exterior. Intentionezi sa vinzi aici si tu sau doar sa cumperi?

Da-mi te rog un semn pe andrei.webdeveloper@gmail.com

Mersi, Andrei Dinca

Work in CMS page of Magento?


This is a standalone version of the ZoomSlider, so it can be integrated with anything.

Cheers, A


Does this work with transparent PNGs? Are there any transparency issues with IE7 , 8 & 9?




Yes it works with png’s transparency, you can test the live preview yourself.

It’s compatible with ie8 and newer versions (in ie7 is not working, my bad, I “checked” that version by mistake).

Cheers, A

Cool. I just purchased and I’m gonna play around with it. I’ll get an extended license if I use it in any of my themes :)

So, it does work, or does not work in IE7 ?

I’m getting this error message about 50 TIMES PER SECOND in firebug:

bullet is undefined bullet.removeClass(“on”).eq(step).addClass(“on”);

What’s to be done about this?

Please send us an email on aa.teamdeveloper at gmail.com

Can you please respond to my email? It’s been a week now.. thanks.

Thanks a lot!

Also.. my slider displays the first image and then stops (and not showing anything). What can I do about this?

see here: http://dev3.comheroes.nl/nl/home

Sorry to say but this is the worst slider i’ve every tried to use.. Very, very difficult to customize and uses a lot of resources (external files). Would not recommend buying it. I wasted my money on this one.

fantastic work, very well done !

Thank you.