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Hi Jack,

Just purchased. When I upload the zip file to install the plugin it fails and says no plugin found???

Help please.

Hi Jaimie,

The zip you download from CodeCanyon is not the actual zip that can be installed. Instead, unzip the zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon, and then directly inside that you’ll find a zip file named “” which is the one you want to upload and install.



1. I see you can have multiple slider instances. How are you storing this data, including image and title details for each slide, are you using wordpress database (wpdb) or some other method?

2. How is the slider embedded in wordpress, is it over iframe or differently?


Hi scarjoh,

Yes here’s the admin:

The data is stored in the WordPress database. Each banner instance inside the admin creates its own unique shortcode, and then that shortcode is placed inside your page/posts. Then when the site loads, the shortcode is executed and replaced with html (no iframes).



autoplay is not working on my site.

I´ve checked the autoplay option but it doesn´t do anything.


Hi Achuwoky,

Sounds like maybe the setting wasn’t applied? After changing any settings, click the “Save Changes” button at the top right hand corner of the admin.


Hi there, I have set up this plugin and have uploaded a few photos. I resized each to 425×255 pixels. My slideshow is showing up with a big black gap at the top though? (scroll to the bottom of the page)

I’ve had to use another plugin as I tried twice and couldn’t get rid of the black gap (about 30px) at the top of each of my images :( Would still love a reply though.

Hi standoutonline,

Probably some CSS from your theme causing that to happen. Sounds like an easy fix. Send me an email from my profile page along with a test page where this is happening and I’ll let you know the fix for it.


Hi Jack,

Congratulation for each of your product. I m using chemeleon and it is perfect.

I d like to add also this slider on my page but I need to add video … It is possible add video support please?


Hi kaz2057,

Video isn’t natively supported but you could open a lightbox with a video on-click as an alternative. If you want to do that, send me an email from my profile page and I’ll let you know how that can be achieved.


Using shortcode [zoomshowcase name=”ZoomShowcase 1” /] at and it will not show.

Hi jgucci333,

I assume that page supports regular page content (i.e., replacing the shortcode with regular text and the text shows up). If so, it’s odd there isn’t any ZoomShowcase markup in the HTML source. But send me an email from my profile page and I’ll try and help you with this.


Sent. Thanks!

I’ve installed your wordpress plugin. When the responsive option is enabeld the vertical caption align isn’t working. Is there a solution?

Thank you!

Hi fufa,

There’s an option named “Show Text when Responsive”. Is that set to “Yes”. If so, send me an email from my profile page and I’ll try and help you with this.


Hi, How does it look if the image is vertically? I hope they’re still big.

Hi Metteh,

The images can be any size, but they all need to be the exact same size.


Is it possible to see an example somehow? And is there an option that make it possible to controle it with the navigaion-keys?

Hi metteh,

I’m not able to create an example at this time. Navigation controls aren’t included, but could probably be added with some custom JavaScript work.


hello this work with wp 3.9.1 ? Thanks

Hi Harny,

Yes the plugin is compatible with WP 3.9.1.


Hi, Can I add previous and next buttons to it ?

Hi Rukcs,

The script would have to be modified in order to add prev/next buttons.


Hi Great plugin. I have pre-sale question. I checked you demos but I can’t find any one that have a navigation control (next, prev button). Is this supported or is there any custom way to add it and can you help me with it if I purchase this plugin? Thank you

Hi theme2412,

Navigation controls aren’t included with the plugin. They could be added but would require some custom work. I could probably do that for you on a freelance basis if you wanted.


Hi, I purchased plugin and it looks awesome. I only had one issue that captions doesn’t show up. tried many times with different positions and made sure it’s saved. please advice. thanks

Hi Magued,

Send me an email from my profile page with a link to your site where the captions aren’t showing up and I’ll try and help you with this.


Hi, I have purchased this ZoomShowcase. But the images and content shown in it is uploaded from admin side. But in our requirements we need to change the images shown in the slider at runtime automatically. These images and other content in the slider will change according to the latest data uploaded to our website automatically. Not from the admin side.

I request please provide the HTML for this. It will be great if we can get the HTML. We are running short of time and at our deadline. Please do reply asap. Its urgent.


Hi Harsh,

I’ve just replied to your email.


Hi, I use WP 4.2.2, a try to install this plugin, but the install failed:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/html/ on line 975 The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please Help!

Hi Daflava,

Unzip the file you downloaded here from CodeCanyon, and then inside the unzipped package, you’ll find documentation that covers installation.


I just purchased your slider, as it looked like just what I need for my site…however when I installed it per your instructions it is not showing up. It should be at the bottom of this page, right above the social links but it is not showing up…can you help? Thanks so much!

- Dave

Any chance you guys release an update for this? its been more than 2 years since the last update 25 April 13. Try to incorporate bug fixes you found for the next update which you guys haven’t did up to now. If an update is not planned for this item within coming 1 or 2 months, PLEASE PROVIDE ME A REFUND. As per the Wordpress norm, there’s no point in using a plugin that’s not getting frequent updates. Its susceptible to lot of bugs and conflicts going forward. Its a bad business practice to asking to pay for support when you are not actively updating the script with previous bug fixes! (I’m just stating the recent Envato’s support policy change. It seems you are not even supporting this item anymore)

Can it be set up so that when one of the images are clicked on it triggers a video to play – for example in a lightbox?


Can you have more than 3 visible?