ZoomShowcase - Responsive Banner for WordPress

ZoomShowcase - Responsive Banner for WordPress

ZoomShowcase – WordPress Plugin

This is the WordPress version of one of my popular JavaScript plugins. Rebuilt from the ground up, the WordPress version is not only responsive but is also jQuery free, which means you won’t ever have to worry about jQuery conflicts.

Demo | Video | Screenshots

Features Include

  • Supports any Google Font.
  • Touch swipe for mobile devices.
  • Responsive with advanced scaling techniques to make slogans readable on small screens.
  • Manage all your banners in one easy to use admin page.
  • Create as many banners as you want.
  • Use the same banner on multiple pages & use multiple banners on the same page.
  • All available settings are unique to each banner.
  • Hyperlink any slide entirely or an individual text slogan.
  • Supports unlimited slides.
  • Supports unlimited slogans (as many that will fit).
  • Randomize the slide order.
  • Autoplay the banner and choose autoplay delay.
  • Set the scale percentage of the side and back items.
  • Change the opacity level of the side items.
  • Set transition easing and transition duration.
  • Insert your own custom CSS right from the admin page.
  • Choose to auto-hide slogans when the banner is scaled down.

Special Notes

  • A minimum of 4 slides are required for the banner to work.
  • The images shown in the preview are for demonstration purposes only and are not included with the download source
  • When autoplay is chosen, hovering your mouse over the banner will pause the autoplay, and removing your mouse from the banner will restart the autoplay.
  • When slogans are shown on small screens, they will be stacked consecutively from the top of the slide.
  • Only 3 visible slides are supported (one left, one front, one right)
  • ZoomShowcase only supports images (no video)
  • Responsiveness is not supported in IE8

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