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1 Last thing before anyone will buy this: HOW CAN ANYONE comment on track IF NOT LOGGED?? I mean guys imagine your site will become a SPAM PARADISE! I am not HATER and not even poor I have money enought..but I pay for somethign which is READY to use and this was very big mistake I made this purchase, I just want to let you know before you do the same, because I dont have time to commenting and askign help how to fix this or that…I thought it is final and nice working music code script but Im really DISSAPOINTed now :/

We’re adding option to disallow commenting if not logged in


woww only now? lol that’s sound very well..BTW why did you added SHELL remoe code to script? hmm..? I sent this script for controling one my firend he made analyse and told me you can HACK any website installation and also you get the URL + IP if some new install is made, so this is called SPYING ! and it is ILLEGAL !

I did no such thing so unless you mention the exact file and behaviour we don’t have any idea what is wrong

WHY ARE YOU DELETING my comments? I wrote the ERRORS and other people should SEE IT! I WANT your REMOTE help or REFUND, choice is yours.

Because they used swear words / caps lock – abusive + expecting to answer tickets in a matter of seconds when our response time is 48 hours

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Your scrip has VERY VERY FAR to be Responsive LOL! 1. Chrome: https://goo.gl/IIE9Ne 2. Firefox: https://goo.gl/V1Y4k6

ADVICE? No, I don’t have advice for you coz the script will be just fine BUT in 2018, coz if you coded this you by-yourself with 2 hands , you can’t fix this not in 1 month or even 3..

PS: Hire freelancer from exYugoslavia and not from India, if you want to sell some scripts, as obviously it was not you who build it, else you will never finish it as you had to test this and see..but you did not which is true.

I sent you email 2 times you not replied. So do you want work man? I also wanted to check all errors for you but I cant install it on localhost WAMP I get always this error: “Could not connect: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)”

I tried also wit hdefault “root” and pass = blank, but not working, any other website, wordpress or joomla I have no issues, seems like your script is really painfull, I wait you answer 24h but after our deal is over and I will look somewhere else to spend money. Peace

now i got this: Error : Incorrect date value: ‘0000-00-00’ for column ‘date’ at row 1 crazy localshit

hmm ok i fixed that iisue but index.php is blank page now, i google this and i changed 80 to 8080 and also 7663 port just for test apache on WAMP still blank and no app is using this port, man really Im giving up and looking other solution for my website I cant work like this

Fix for the firefox profile url cover to be centered like in Chrome: 1. Make CSS override and add statement: IF firefox version “50.1.0” (or all firefox i did not tested other ones) then .shortcode-user.style-default SEE IMAGE: https://goo.gl/dh9r8d You’re welcome.

Thanks for the tip – It will be fixed in next update

Hey buddy still nothing share box is empty, also reset permalinks still not working.

Ok got it everything good, didn’t get the plugin for Google adds, On my android when clicking to create a new account the page go’s blank showing a page with an empty player. No registration page also share box not showing.. all of this on my android galaxy 7

Sorry, I emaild you plugin for google analytics

I’ll test register on my android

ok, thanks

sitemap or rss feed?

We’ll implement in next update


also on mobile…sharing buttons are waay at the bottom

We’ll fix this in next update

Sharing button at the bottom In mobile also register page not working also in mobile

Sorry for the delay

Been on holiday -

Send you update for register on mobile

Can you show me screenshot about sharing button ?

Sharing button at the bottom In mobile also register page not working also in mobile

Also tracks are not playing in mobile, and I kinda screw up the footer menu how can I fix it

Hey Alexis

Sorry for the trouble

Sent you mobile fix on mail



Pretty big bug here!

Looking at the demo – if a user uploads two tracks with the same title, and the Pretty Links are on, they both have the same URL, so clicking on the track that originally had that name loads only the new track that has the same title. Can you add an option like Soundcloud for users to set their own track URL? And require it to be unique, so there are not duplicate track URLs.

Sure – we’ll submit the feature sometime this week


Can you make waveforms regenerate when someone edits their track after it has been uploaded and replaces the audio source? It still shows the original waveform even though the song is different (I know that the waves can be manually regenerated in the Admin Panel, but Admins can’t know when a song has been replaced).

And this would be a good one to add – allow Pro users to feature 5 of their uploaded songs above all of their others on their profile page! Gives more of an incentive for someone to buy the Pro membership!


Thank you for the suggestions

Will do in future updates

When a user makes a payment in paypal, the User is redirected to the page /paypal_ipn.php. But this page gives an error. It does not release the download, and the tracks are still in the cart.

If you go to Settings > System check

Which is your TLS Version ?


In the user menu, the “GO PRO” tab is pointing to “http://onlyforthegods.com/index.php?page=page&page_id=29”. Please fix it.

Go to Plugins and disable Sample plugin

Or if you want that in the menu you can edit plugins/plugins-william/plugin-william.php

Ok. Thank You.

How could I do to adjust the width of the columns of a page in a way other than the default? On the music page I need the first column to be shorter.

Go to Settings > Appearance and in Extra CSS enter

body.page-1 .content-container > .row > .col-md-9{width: 60%; }  body.page-1 .content-container > .row > .col-md-3{width: 40%; }

after you installed the update on mail


Ok. Thanks very much

When I insert a formated text, it’s displayed OK on the page. When I set it to be translatable, it’s displayed without formatting.

Yes are aware of that

The solution would be to add starttrans before the string you want to translate and endtrans after

%starttrans%text you want to translate%endtrans%

Ok. Thanks

mobile is not showing correctly…keeps loading image on android…any fix so i can buy?


ZoomIt Author


Try now

Should work fine on android – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dSPU1c380w&feature=share


nope just 4 waiting dots and bottom player thats is all

What android version do you have ?

Upload soundcloud tracks does not work for me. I created a soundcloud app and got my API key:

Then I pasted it in the control panel:

Then I upload and paste the soundcloud link:

But the track does not play and looks like this:


You need to wait until that message is gone ( the waves are being generated )

Anyway, I sent you an update on mail that deletes that message and lets the track play


But it’s been like this for 3 days.


Weird – it works perfect on my site

Can you try to upload it again to zoomportal ?