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Can’t test it out because your admin demo isn’t working https://zoomthe.me/soundportal_admindemo/

Try now


Hello, let’s start again with the music project with this script, I have seen that they have made some changes and added some features.

The main reason for this is that we want a platform to sell.

I remember that in the script, there was a “buy link” option. It would be great to have 2 options to upload, one the “demo” and the other the full track. The complete track will be shown once purchased. If this is not an option to implement in your script and you just want to keep an upload option, the track has to be encrypted in some way to avoid using software to get the track without buying. Why do I suggest this? For the simple reason that it makes no sense to upload a demo and place a “buy link” to acquire it on another platform, unless I’m wrong on how your idea works.

Could you explain a brief description of how user privileges work in the admin panel to know what to activate or deactivate?

With that plugin could you get a combination of zoomportal (social network) and a marketplace? The truth is that I’m very interested in something like that. I suppose it will be something better than the Zoomsounds plugin

ZoomSounds WordPress ( 20US$ ) + Social zoomsounds ( user playlist , reposts etc. buddypress integrated ) ( 30US$ ) + Designer Shop for zoomsounds ( 30US$ )




We would like more details, we will send you an email.

Hello bro, please I sent you a message through mail about the Facebook login feature, it’s important kindly check ASAP, thanks.

And pleas let me know if you can develop an android app for zoomportal for me and how much it will cost, so I can start preparing, thanks.

Just got back in the office

I will mail you.

We do not develop apps, but a wrapper with zoomportal is easy to make to work on mobiles


Okay thanks.

Fixed all problems, not need to worry.

Hello Mr Radu, users are finding it difficult to get on site. Site keep loading forever on safari(mobile) and Opera. How do we really solve this problem ?

Can you show me a link ? Do you have latest ios / android ?

Hello Mr. Radu, please it looks like you have forgotten some of us! Please I earlier on sent you some issues via email such as the facebook login merging users who sign up on facebook using their phone numbers instead of their emails and Zoomportal needs emails as a primary key to identify users. Also there is no notification header for mobile users hence they can’t know if they receive messages from other users and many other issues I sent through email not yet addressed, please kindly check for us, we are waiting on you, thanks!

We’ll fix tomorrow

Thank you!

Hello boss, please I sent you a message by mail, the updates didn’t work, please kindly check and help us!!!

after installation and import demo homepage is blank. Please advise thanks

Send me ftp login here


I will have a look

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