Discussion on ZoomFlow - Banner Rotator / Teaser

Discussion on ZoomFlow - Banner Rotator / Teaser

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Good luck with your sales

I purchased this today, 06a3b8b5-e450-4870-9ca8-85401e553c99.

I’ve just spent four hours that I cannot get back. Your instructions omit many things. Here is my project: You can see that the script is not functioning. I’m not sure what state I’ve left it in now.

1. Unless a user intends to use this script with your advertising images (which nobody does), you need to tell us how to work with different images. I have not been able to make even the first three images work. I have tried to modify the HTML sizes with no luck. I have a total of 12 images, but I can’t even get the first three to work. I presume that part of the reason might be that your code includes shadows that won’t work on other photos, or maybe also because the three images in your code all have different behaviours.

2. I’m not looking to make the captions work. To minimize the code, I have tried to remove the caption tags. This did nothing to make my images appear. I need an explanation how the three panels interact with each other so that I know what I am trying to achieve.

3. There appear to be many extraneous files in your “source” folder. Does a user need these? Such as the Bootstrap folder, the jquery js, the jquick js, the style.css, et cetera. None of these are referenced in the HTML page. If these aren’t required, do we need to have them on the server?

I await your response. Thank you.

It has been two days, plus, since I posted my support request. I’m wondering if the author thinks that customers really don’t care when he/she responds.

Clearly the statement of support for this item is a blatant lie. Do NOT buy this script unless you are well versed in javascripting and PHP. The author is insincere about supporting the product, but he blithely takes your money. Too bad Envato isn’t onto it.

I got the script to work but now it took off the page scrolling :( If you don’t have experience its a nightmare to implement it into a page with already stylesheets, please help

where is support :( disappointed which reflects on rating !

not working for me once i add the script you recommend (insert this inside your tag where you want the plugin to appear) nothing happens just your copy and name of the script appears on the index.html page :( Should there me no copy appearing and only the slider ?? Please help, the installation notes are not so clear :(

Hi! I wanted to know how can i do to have the example from “unlimited items?”

Hello I’ve purchased zoomflow banner rotator and I run a website under wordpress. I tried to integrate zoomflow on my articles but without success. How can I do ? Thank you

Can you show me a link of your attempt ?

Basically you should include the zoomfflow javascript and css in your theme files < head > or at the end of the body tag

Yhen you can just add the markup from index.html for the zoomflow in a page by selecting the TEXT EDITOR of wordpress ( not visual )


Hi We are startup advertise company,we like your ZoomFlow – Banner Rotator,we are ready to purchase this slider,before we have one doubt, can we change the width and height for current(centered image) image with css or where we can change the width and i guessed its coming through js for width and height.can we change that,and one more thing if i will add high width and height images what about the dimensions for device please give me confirmation waiting for your reply to day we have to purchase at any cost.


Yes, you can change width and height via slider settings ( easy )


Hi, I purchased this through Envato market but didn’t receive the code. There is no email to contact them and my phone is limited for long distance calls. Can anyone help me? I didn’t get the code. I purchased on July 12 with PayPal and it went through. I didn’t get an email or anything with the code.

Please contact envato support



i am interested in the banner rotator. but i want to use album covers and when clicking on it it should play music. is that possible? thanks so much


Hello Marc,

This is not a music player

But we’ll implement exactly what you need in this player in a future update –


Hi ,

Can you explain me how this script work auto play?



This is the code


I am interested in the product. Does this have ajax support?


This does not have ajax support . It loads images the standard way

I can see only one image is showing correct. Though image exists in path. I am using jquery 1.11.2 & bootstrap 3.3.2. Below is the screenshot for reference:

Where can I find ZoomFlow on that site ?


Because of your late reply. I have lost the work.

The code isn’t working… How do I get support for this? Tried logging in to support. Got nothing. Disapointing!

replied to your email

Where is the reply? I haven’t received any solution to the problem


do you have a list of all available options? Having callbacks will be great too.

Best Regards

settings_slideshowTime: '5' //in seconds
        , settings_slideshow: 'off'
        ,settings_slideshowDontChangeOnHover: 'on'
        , settings_skin: 'skin-default'
        , settings_responsive: 'on'
        , settings_mode: 'normal' // normal or only-two
        , design_ratio: '16:9' // give the ratio of the items, images wil auto adjust
        , design_maxwidth: '1400'
        , design_padding: '100'
        , design_enableShadows: 'on' // enable canvas shadows
        , settings_makeFunctional: true

What callback would interest you ?


Great plugin. Been using it for a while now. Can you provide an update to dictate the transition speed? Something I can set in miliseconds?

Hi, Ive purchased this today and it doesnt work in IE9. It displays OK but the nav buttons do not work ?

Any ideas ?

I wish the “responsiveness” didn’t result in a tiny version of this slider on mobile devices. I want it to turn into a typical mobile slider with one image filling the screen and swipe ability. I got it to fill the width with the current image, but am not sure if swiping is possible. My other big issue is the shadow doesn’t look good on mobile devices and I can’t get it to turn off at smaller resolutions.

There seems to be sort of a bug on Firefox. When the image in the front leaves its area it seems to “snap” to the middle and then slide to its position on the left side. With Chrome this does not happen, everything moves smoothly. This happens also with the demo page so it’s not just me :)

Too bad the slider relies on both JS and CSS3 (even though I strongly speak for CSS3) making the fallbacks pretty ascetic for IE and other crappy browsers.

Something seems wrong with the instructions provided. For starters, the code we’re supposed to cut and paste in the instructions “ZoomFlow – Banner Rotator / Teaser Documentation” is broken. The number of div end tags don’t match start tags.

I was able to get this working and swap out the images by copying the demo but I’m having the same problem updating the images when using the instructions to implement the code.

I’m not going to use this for now . . . I’d love to try again when it’s more refined. I would love to see more initial images allowed, smoother transitions, and better instructions.

Supports hyperlinks on each image ?


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