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Hey so having a major issues and am desparate for a solution.

Seems as someone else said, your scripts down work unless the .js files are loaded last on in the , however doing this breaks some major fucntionality currently on my site.

Any idea of a workaround? It’s the inclusion of the main jquery js file, if it’s below another js file on my page it breaks everything and replicating it won’t work either.


Hi morriske,

Could you please email me via my profile page with your issue: http://codecanyon.net/user/JimmyP (contact form within the right-hand panel, near the bottom)


How can this be integrated or used in a Wordpress installation and how can this be applied to images within a Wordpress post?

allow…, :(

@ adsenblogger

The zoomer works perfect within Wordpress (tested until Wordpress 2.8.6).

How to implement it, please see my comments above together with the instructions of the help file coming with the purchase.

I am curious because I have a few jquery scripts of my own I am wanting to sell, what did you do to prevent the js file from being viewed directly?

I would never steal anyone’s code, I was looking at author’s code to see if anyone had implemented a way to prevent this from thieves.

As a php developer I am curious

is there a way to make this work on more than one image on the same page, I’ve tried a few different things but can’t get it to work :(

Hey man, you ok? Man, your plugin Zoomer don`t work IE, never version, please, you can help-me the resolve this problem? Tks

Hi, as someone has already asked I would also like to make this work on more than one image on the same page.

Thanks for any help

Partially solved my problem, I call this function from a onclick event on a thumbnail

function changethis (theimage) {
    document.images["view"].src = "small\\" + theimage;
        zoomSrc: 'large\\' + theimage,
        zoomerOverlay: {
                shadowColor: 'rgb(255,255,0)',
                shadowWidth: 5,
                radialOpacity: 0
This does work but each time it is called by clicking on another image the functionality seems to degrade, i.e. it gets slower, shows multiple overlays and starts to show previous images.

See ww.oxso.co.uk/zoomer for a working demo of the problem

Any help appreciated.

Very nice software component. I love it. I bought it to use it for a project but there is only one little feature missing and that would be a Click event working simular to the feedback function.

Looking at the code that should not be to difficult to add, or am I too optmistic?

you know what would make this even better

tool tips over a map,

just an idea

Looks easy to implement, but I cannot get it to work, using IE8 on Windows 7. Page loads with image, but no zoom box. Checked these: Zoomer folder location correct both script references in <head> section located script function after image statement I am using a Request.QueryString for the image to pass it in the url but the image is being displayed. I am using a png image, not a jpg.

I try to use this plugin with jquery-1.7.2.min.js and it doesnt work.

This is great and working well, however I’m having difficulties using it in addition to a scrolling image gallery. When you click to view the additional images it still only zooms on the original image. Any ideas?