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Hi there buddy! Awesome code – bought it in a heart beat.

I have a quick question (one that someone above managed to solve themselves)

Basically, what I want is to link the main image/holder to pop up the PrettyPhoto action (that the VIEW button does currently). My hope is to make it uber simple & streamline.

Hi. You will need to dig inside the main JS, assets/jquery.zoomer.js, check line 186, that’s where the lightbox class is being called. You will need to apply the same to the .image element, but note that you will be loosing the dragging functionality!

Hope this helps. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.


Made some quick testing, you won’t loose the gradding functionality, just add this code on line 187 on the JS:

$(".image").click(function() {$(".lightbox a[href='" + i.attr("src") + "']:eq(0)").trigger("click");});

maybe you will need to control the cursor css to add the link-pointer icon.


awesome, thanks – worked a charm! added that cursor: pointer; entry to .zoomer .holder .image in the CSS

Hi pezflash, sorry to bother you, but i need your help, im using this with inline frame, but when i clic “view” button, it opens the full image insde the iframe, how can i make it open the image outside the iframe? any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Hi. Your layout is complex. You will need to have the prettyPhoto script loaded on your parent level, then call it from inside the iframe. Have not previous experiences with it, but google it, seems to be some results matching your request. Here goes one that looks promising:

Let me know if you can get it running.

Is there a way to add a vimeo video to the photo gallery? I tried adding it to the lightbox but it’s not displaying correctly.

Hi. Yes, you can open Vimeo videos within the provided lightbox gallery. Check the samples on PrettyPhoto site to see how code should be formatted:

Just remember to add the href code inside the hidden lightbox div.

If you can’t get it running, send me your URL through my profile form so i can take a look. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi there, can i use this with jquery 2.1.0?

It doesnt seem to be working when i use that

Hi. Didn’t tested with it, i’m planing an upgrade for this plugin to modern jquery library, but i was thinking about using jquery-1.10.2, which is a bit earlier than the one you point out, but with IE legacy support (1.11.0 > 2.1.0). Meanwhile, you can give a try using Jquery migrate (, just link that js and see if it works. ;)

Only possible to images zoom or div too ?

Hi. It zooms just images. For divs some code changes will be needed.