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I’d like to apply your product to one server for online shopping site.

The server is one but users(site visitors) are millions. Which license do I have to buy?

Hi quakejjh, you can buy the Regular License, thanks!

Great plugin! Will this work with PNGs with transparency or will the small image show behind the large zoomed image? Thanks in advance!

Hi brianlarson , the small image shows behind the large zoomed image. It works will transparency png image, if you do not want the transparency of zoom view it is sample ,just need set the background color to #zm-magnifier.


It is possible to make loading the background image at once, and hover the mouse?

Hi also , Zoome preload the large images after page loaded from now.

This plugin is great, thanks for the work! Easy to install and setup, I am going to use it in my online gallery to sell my artwork!

One feature I would luv that might have been mentioned before is to have a lens feature instead of square. If not lens, can we specify our own shape and color of the borders? My knowledge is not so great so any help would be appreciated!

These are just suggestion as out of the box this plugin does everything I wanted! Thanks!

Hello, How are you doing?

This plugin is great, I bought, but I need your help, I tried 1 Million of time and I didn’t get. Please could you send your email for me? I will send my folders for you check. Thank you Diego.

Hi webastos, my email

Hi – Nice demo however when I test it locally I get an alert dialog box with this message- “Canvas can not getImageData from local or corss[sic] domain image!”. After I dismiss the message the plug-in works fine but I don’t want that message showing up at all. What does it mean? Do I need it? If I don’t need it – how can I keep it from appearing. Please advise – thanks DZash

Hi dzash2000 it will not showen if you put it on a server. Canvas getImageData api can not use in local path like google chrome.

I want to know if i can use it with wordpress

I tested and it’s cool. but this doesnt work well on Tablets. Im using the ipad and it seems really “jumpy” and not as smooth.

Here is a good example of a really good magnifyer. Unfortunately, it’s only for WordPress and the developer does not respond at all…

Maybe you can update yours and we will look into getting it.


Hello, I am trying to use zoome, but when I access any page with google chrome for the first time zoome does not load, I have to restart the page, only after zoome works correctly. What can I do?

This looks to be a fantastic plugin – do you have a guide on how to use it with Wordpress or how you can integrate it into a portfolio? Very nicely done.

here is custom css which i use to make magnifier a circle(lens) with zoom text positioned at bottom center:

<style> #zm-magnifier{border-radius:50%;} #zm-magnifier span{left:0px;text-align:center;bottom:0;top:auto;} </style>

Hi, your hover effect blur or grayscale do not workwork, why ?

I use code : $(’#img3’).zoome({hoverEf:’grayscale’,showZoomState:true,zoomRange:[1,5],zoomStep:0.5,defaultZoom:1.5,magnifierSize:[100,100]});


Hi, I’ve just bought this plug in and downloaded it, but it’s not installing in Wordpress, it says

Installing Plugin from uploaded file:

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

Help please