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Great lightbox script, good work.

thanks valiano

This is great! Can you please add easing to it?

Looks good. I am on a slow pc right now. Is the easing only on the first picture? That works great. It’s hard to tell on the vertical one.

I’ll be purchasing this, thanks.

The problem with pictures 3 and 4 is that they are resized to be able to scroll on only one direction, this probably gives a hard time to the browser and only works great on modern browsers with fast js engines ( like chrome, firefox 4 ) .

Anyway, the first effect works great on all browsers and you should probably only use that. The last 2 examples are to show the extend of this script.

does that work on wordpress too

yes, it works, but you need to include the link to the script in the post you use it unless you want to edit the theme header itself

Got it working on a WordPress site but it only works in Firefox and Opera. Please have a look at this test page:


and advise me how I can get it to work in other browsers as well


I get this in Chrome Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

What does this mean and is there a solution ? It does work now in IE (at least IE8 ) and on Safari on an iMac but not on my Windows machine.

Any idea how to get your script to work in Chrome with my Wordpress setup ? You say you get ‘Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined’: what does this mean, what goes wrong ?

I would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction

jquery is not loaded anywhere view-source:http://www.wild-uganda.com/test

in your theme

Thanks, got it to work

hi, I am considering buying this script, but i need to know if it is possible to use a image map inside the zoomed in image with links that open other pages thanks


It’s not possible at the moment, just images.

Maybe in a future update or custom work


I purchased this item. it’s pretty cool but I have two requests.

1) If I choose class=”zoom” it zooms small images to full screen. If I use class=”zoom fullzoom” and the image is tall, but not wide enough to fill the screen, the auto-scrolling does not work. Click here for example: http://www.blackhelmetapparel.com/product_zoom.php?id=The+Towers+Tribute+Tee+%28RED%29

2) Users have complained that when the image is open, the don’t realize you can click anywhere to return to the page. They are trying to click the back button in the browser, which is obviously not having the desired effect.

This script would be perfect with those two small updates. Thanks!

You can ignore #1 on my previous comment. I was able to modify the code to make this work. If you’d like to see changes, let me know and I will send you the code.

Still working on coding a solution for #2…

Hello there, bought this item but now i really need your help, i need this script to act as as background, without mouse click to activate the full screen…how can i do that??

best regards


thanks for a great little script :)

Thank you!

hi, thanks for the script, is it possible to change bg color?

Hi I got your script, installed it and set it up right on my server… but, when I use class=”zoom fullzoom” the image loads but its centered in the middle of the browser and cropped without the ability to scroll. The Image is much larger than the browser and should position top/center but its locked at center/center without any scrolling. Any ideas? Please help!

Hi, intending to use only the FullZoom – question 1: is it possible to integrate an ‘overlay’ [fine dots] question 2: if integrating in Wordpress [i.e. adding to the header], is there a way that the script can automatically be called when an [any] image is clicked? Am not a coder, but designer – so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Michele

Hi, I have upload this plugin in mi web. But I have the problem with IPAD because it don’t work with IPAD . YOu have any solution?


Hi, Is it possible to put next and previous button like normal lightbox? so the people don’t need to get to the page again

It looks perfect! Can it be done with next/previous buttons for the different images? If it can I’ll buy it immediately. Thank you!

this is the exact thing I need, If it had a wordpress plugin version Id buy it in an instant

Working on it


i would also like it to work on ipad the prev next buttons sound like a good idea too. also the click anywhere to close text has to appear somewhere.

otherwise works like a charm.


We purchased your plugin but Horizontal and Vertical demos are not working like your demo, Here the link http://konzern.co.in/demo/zoom/ where we uploaded for testing purpose.

Request you to please check and get back asap.


It works fine for me

What browser are you using ?