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Hello there. Updating with Eclipse? Eclipse project?

Yes, Includes the Eclipse and Buildbox project with all dependencies updated (includes latest libpng and others).


Hey Great Work. Interested to buy, I am going to buy Extended Licence, as you said you are providing BuildBox file, Can i change levels? And Will you provide support regarding Graphics and all? Please also Give links to Graphics you have used. And Also need Apk to test. Thanks.

Thanks I have purchased game and tested it buy want little modification. I hope you would help. I am going to mail you about that. Thank you.

Okei perfect, I wait your email ;)

I have sent mail. Thanks.

Hello there. demo pls

Demo Apk ( Google sign in error because Is not uploaded to google play store )


when will ios verson come and does the regular licence give me full source file so i can open it in buildbox and update the game


The version for ios will be available in a few days, although you can export it from buildbox to ios but it does not support, you must have the requirements to export to ios.

I have purchased game and tested but admob didn’t work even i added AD UNIT


Send me an email with code captures and see what problem has occurred.


OK! give me your email i didn’t found it

Do we need to buy a Buildbox license?

You dont need buy a buildbox license, you can reskin the game on eclipse and change all settings


Hi I want to buy this source code right now, but I dont have Buildbox, do I still can reskin it using android studio

please confirm this to me ASAP so I can buy it

Yes, you can reskin all the assets an ids (admob, google play services, name…) If you have any question send at dawayoapps@gmail.com


Ok thanks

Hi, i send you mail. Have you checked it? And i want that customization of backbutton.

Hi, sorry but i dont have any email of you! please send another time to dawayoapps@gmail.com I will response soon.



- Is it compatible with Android Studio?

- If I buy “Extended license” is what the “Reskin” service is included?

Thank you.


1-Android Studio have avoid complications

2-No, The multiple license dont have reskin,If you want a reskin send an email to dawayoapps@gmail.com and depend of the things the price change.


HI, I mailed you, And please check that game which i sent link, I need help.

Hi, I already send you the file.


This is what i call support. Thank you so much, You are awesome.

Thanks ;)

Hi, there! can i upload this game to google play store ?

Yes of course. The eclipse project its ready to set you IDS (like admobs, google play games…) and upload to the play store!

waths is libpng???

a “librarie”, this game have the latest update that google play reclame.


<string name=”app_id”>98625270175</string>

where can i get my app id

and how the change premetion off the app zombishoter it ask for accessing mobile information help plz

Please, dont send the same mesage a multiples places. Check your email

can i have your skype ? i faced some errors and i need your help pleas :)

Send an email to dawayoapps@gmail.com with the information and screenshot.


how much weight the full game (APK file) Mb?

Hi, The weight of the full app is 28 Mb

This game is for google play store? if have any error can you help me out?


1.-Yes, you can build the app and upload to play store.

2.-I Can help you tu build setting (not reskin).


Hi I have a problem when I try to lunch the game on Android Studio, I sent you an email and I opened a support ticket on your website 5 days ago waiting for a response from you

thanks in advance


I’m sorry for the delay but I’ve been on vacation. I have responded to the email and the ticket.

Greetings and if you have any problems tell me.


I purchased your template Zombie Shooter and also set of assets images but I am facing problem reskinning it.

I am unable to import your project in Android Studio. It says the project doesn’t use gradle system.

I also tried installing Eclipse Juno but I guess the link you gave in documentation is for Windows and not for Mac. Please help me importing code and reskinning in Mac easily either in Eclipse Juno or Android Studio.

Regards Abhishek


I have sent you a download link of the programs that you need by mail. regards


Do you include Documentation in the project to reskin the game in Eclipse ??? Mean, How to change Graphics ? How to change Package Name ? How to import Signed APK to upload it in Play Store ???

Did all these included in the project documentation ???


I sent to you an email with the information.