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Nice work Zoom! :)

Thank you Tean!

SUPER AWESOME man…spectacular!

I’ll have a look in the forum


So did you find “anything” in your forum?? 5 days ago?? Because I am still here needing support, which I’ve stated quite a few times via email to you all and now here too! I have to be honest, when I first saw this product, I was one of the first to purchase it. I reeeeally thought it would be something! But it has been a terrible headache since I purchased it and I have learned from being early to purchase Now I will wait just as long as it takes for me to get average support requested answered, before I purchase certain authors products. In this case…..it would take Months before I buy from you again!


Sorry for the trouble. I’ll have a look tomorrow on the ticker


hello coululd someone use your item in themeforest item?

Yes, with extended licence


Please respond to your email

Good Luck @utopia123, its a rare occasion when they answer their emails at the so called “Zoom” studio. Maybe they are on another vacation.

Hey, thanks for helping get the links to work, but I quickly emailed you there after asking for a fix to make the links open in a New Window. Do you think you can help with that or is that possible? Will be awaiting your response. Thanks

Or mayb just tell “me” where to go and I will try. I really need it if you can help soon.



I can’t get it to work, just uploaded to my server, went to admin area, logged in but buttons doesn’t work. In the console it says “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < ” and in index-full.html it’s all grey. What do i do?

Is this script still being supported and updated? I’m looking at buying.


Can the frontend and admin preview be fix please. I am looking for an application like this but need to see how this works.

Thxs, SR

We’ll fix in the near future


Is it possible to categorize images, mainly I am looking for something through which an image can be assigned multiple catgories?


Not at the moment


RIPPED OFF again from one of these none working, no support scripts. DO NOT BUY!


What is the problem + what does support script mean ?

The Admin Will not work, and gives an 404 Error on the link Provided in the instructions.

Did anyone else here have a problem with the Admin Working?

BE CAREFUL NO Support seams to be given and if you try and run their LIVE Demo, It gave me a Trojan Warning!!!!! Very un-acceptable

Hi @socalboarders

Sorry, but we do not work during weekends.

The admin is where you copied the files on your server /admin folder ( not on the thezoomer.net site )

Let me know the url where you copied the gallery


Just FYI,

Your frontend demo has been hacked by some Islamic group calling themselves “Indonesian Cyber Army”: http://zoomthe.me/php_mediagallery/

Thanks I fixed..

Hello, I purchased your product and it is very nice but a little buggy. I lost all of my albums twice and had to recreate them, the “embed code” window will not load and now I can’t save any albums that I create. I felt that I got the albums steady enough to hand over to my client but now all of the albums are gone again.

Purchase code: d4376aee-1366-4e04-8f42-962269f231b4


You should do periodic updates of the database.

If you send me via Private message – phpMyAdmin login and the link to the gallery I may be able to recover your database and fix


Hello sir ,is there any option for password protection for single gallery?or do you have any plan to include this option in coming updates? Thank you


Maybe in a future update

Thanks for the idea!

i installed it and it was working but when i go and click on embed nothing happens

Can you send me FTP here – http://zoomthe.me/sendadmin/login-details.php?sendftp=on

So I can have a look ?


hello in medicacms there is phishing in this address mediacms/js/doc/r19 [.] html