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When buying, it is included pictures without watermark?

You’re planning to perform an update with video ads, in-app purchases. Like most of your new games?

I see comments where many seek options that already have your new games. It would be a great idea and keep your profitable games.

You can buy assets for example from graphics river, you can hire a graphic designer or you can do graphics on your own.

but those same graphics do not see them in “graphicsriver”.

You know someone to recommend me? O thou you charge?

I don’t offer reskin service, sorry. There’re plenty of graphic designers who can be hired online, just search the web.

Do you know why that is no sound for the game? i already enabled sound in edit.lua as u has disabled it by default in start , so i enabled it first but still not working. Both ios and android also same… can you help me?

Did you replace sounds which are included? Those provided by me are blank – they are played in game but they don’t contain anything, just silence. You have to use your own sounds with the same name and extension as those preview sounds.

oh.. no wonder.. i though those file have sound

Hi, I wonder even I changed the audio, still the simulator cant play any sound, is that anything wrong with the code?

You must turn on sounds and music in edit.lua and replace all mp3 files with your own, which contain actual sound (those which I provided are preview silent files)

It works with Corona SDK-2016.2830.msi?

It should work, if there’re any problems with specific version I’m here to help and solve the problems

Hi. I just bought “Zombie Shooter – Top down view + Admob (Android)”

You could give me the documentation? I read in a comment that was to send you an email.

I’m no expert. Email: jmcastillo507@gmail.com

Here you can find tutorial for my games: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/android_tutorial.html

error that “in play.lua:190:attempt to index field ’?’(a nil value )”.how to resolve this .

did you modify text functions on your own?

I’m trying to translate the texts into Spanish. The problem is that some texts are out of line, they are poorly positioned, etc.

Without seeing the code and effects I can’t help

Hello. If I purchase the game, would you generate for me an apk without add?

Hi, you can turn off ads simply in the “edit” file

Hi I’ve bught your game, but I have some problems with apk. Could u send on my email apk file without ads. a.heraschenko@rgkgroup.com

Hello, I need the source code with banner ads and interstitiel ads

No reply????

Hi, currently I don’t have time to accept individual reskin requests. I suggest checking this tutorial which may be helpful. https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/monetization/monetization/index.html#in-app-advertising-options

What brings this update? (30 November 17)

Removed broken plugins (ads now use appodeal mediation which also supports AdMob, leaderboards are now based on Dreamlo website – faster and easier configuration), all my projects are now universal for iOS & Android and support newest versions of systems.


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You changed the ads network from Admob to Appodeal! Why this change?


oxegen2 Purchased

I need the update with Admob ads?

Previous AdMob plugin is outdated and no longer works. Appodeal is a mediation service which also supports AdMob.


oxegen2 Purchased

i need the update with admob only