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when i open edit.lua there is only 18 lines of code you mind if i copy your edit.lua code from the tutorial it would speed up the process because im trying to make this game multiplayer

You can do what you want with the code, if it’s going to help you feel free to copy lines from the tutorial. It depends on what kind of functions you’re going to implement – if you need achievements and leaderboards then it might be useful.

Im having some problems with creating multiplayer mode do you mind if i pay you to help me

I’m afraid I’m out of free time, sorry.

i finished making the game multiplayer but every time i build for ios on my macbook thats using el capitan xcode 8 i get the message you cant open the application because it is not supported on this type of mac hopefully this is an easy fix

Are you trying to run iOS app on Mac? It won’t work of course. You can build for Mac OS and then you’ll be able to open it on your Mac. Or you can build for iOS and copy it to your iPhone for example (choose option ‘copy to device’ after build in Corona build window).

yeah im sorry about that i had made a mistake because of multiplayer but i fixed it up thank you!!

Why are these two listing for this game?

For better discoverability in the store. Both are the same but one is listed in the android category and the second in the ios category.

If I buy this game for IOS and android will I be able to have the map scroll? For example if the players goes all the way up the map with take the player to the bottom of the screen?

I currently don’t do any on demand requests, sorry. You get it “as is” and you can modify as you wish on your own.

I tried to install the demo from the Apple App Store but I get an error that the game is not available in the US store. What do I do?