Discussion on Zombie Shooter - HTML5 Game + Mobile version! (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)

Discussion on Zombie Shooter - HTML5 Game + Mobile version! (Construct 3 | Construct 2 | Capx)

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Hello. So we purchased the game, extracted the files from HTML5/ file, and uploaded it to a server.

There’s an issue with the chain’s physics. When you shoot it, the bar stays in place and the chain doesn’t break and fall down as you can see in the first screenshot. screenshot1

We then tried opening it in construct and I see that it’s missing the chain even when we tried to preview it. screenshot2 screenshot3

Is it just us who have this issue? Are we missing something? Is there any configuration in order to run this properly?

Hello, I’ll check now.

Made an update, in 10 – 15 minutes it will be available for download.

how to increase levels

Using the Construct 3 game engine, copy the layout of the previous level, then arrange blocks and characters as you need and add events for your level (number of characters to destroy and physical objects).

hi can i edit this game with construct 3?

Hello, yes, the source code of the game project for Construct 3 is present in the sales package!

My dear friend @Muscle-SS I am a true admirer of the quality of your Games, I have not only been a follower of all your latest additions but at the same time, have purchased and enjoyed tremendously, several Game Bundles that I have purchased from you in the past. Let me make clear, that I do support great minds like yours as well as your wonderful people in Ukraine. I will hereby promise to do whatever is in my hands and budget to keep purchasing Games mainly from Elite Publishers like you and thus support you and your wonderful Family, but support anybody who works hard and endlessly to bring not only food to your table, but to stand in favor a nations such as your, where peace is the only thing you need to live happily once again. Thank you and God Bless you my dear Friend!

Thank you very much for such kind words, I really appreciate it! Yes, it’s not very easy now, but we and our army are fighting and victory will definitely be ours! ;)

Thanks again, Regards, Sergey!

I really care about you and your country:

God bless you and the people of Ukraine

Thank you!!!

Здравствуйте,в игре много багов исправьте пожалуйста и скиньте версию без багов.1) БАГ курсор при наведении стрелять стреляет криво и не туда. 2)БАГ при 3 попытке перезагрузить не работает перезагрузка,кнопка меню на 3 раз не работает.3)Баг магазин при перезагрузке пустой когда проиграешь он не обновляется. функция fts не работает показывает как попало.очень много багов,исправьте игру или замените мне другой файл игры рабочий

можете скинуть файл другой игры без багов?

Привет, на данный момент всё неработает, я живу в Украине у нас полномаштабная война, сотовая связь есть иногда, я подтвердил вам возвар.

хорошо спасибо

Nice work! Good luck with sales!


Good luck with your sales

Thank you!

Do you plan to update the Web Storage issue to make game compatible with Construct 3?

Hi, of course, all games are gradually remaking to local storage.

Have an admob? If wanting to add admob, what to do?

Hi, yes! Ultimate ADS for C2.

Hi, please let me know how much you charge for resking this game?

Hi, at the moment we do not make reskin games since there are a lot of current orders and we do not take new ones yet.

i like your game and i want to publish it in facebook instant game as HTML5 game as you know, but i want to know if your game compatible with ios devices, like when the player switch to the silent mode the sounds should stop. i try the live previews in ios devices and the sounds does not stop in the silent mode. can you fix that and i will be glad to purchase your awesome game

Hi friend you didn’t reply to my email yet

Hi, I have no letters from you. Email me at this address:

Upon purchase, you will download the game on the Google platform and link it to me in Google ads to earn money

Hi, I can set your codes for advertising in the game and make a compilation of the game in apk for android devices, it will cost $ 20.

Hi ! I just buy the game but have some difficulties to launch it. I host it on the solution provided by codecanyon (siteground), but I still have this message :

“Exported games won’t work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)”

I definitively made a mistake but can’t find where and can’t fix it. It’s the first time I buy a game. I’m a non coder which use most of time hosted solutions.

Could you help me to do it ?

I’m really interested in about a dozen of your games and I want to publish one of them from start to finish before buying the others.

Best regards

Good morning, answered your letter! :)

Hi I want to ask you if I can import this project into Construct 2 and modify it and add facebook audience network then export it to facebook instant games? is this possible?

Hi! Of course you can, in the sale bundle there is the source code of the game and the file for the Construct 2 game engine.

And what is actually a mistake? This is a physical object, no problems are possible there!

Hello and sorry for the disturb. I buyed your super zombie shooter, i edited and i’m trying to publish on fb. I’m testing on pc: no problem. Testing on mobile the game starts but after some seconds: error 429 envato: too many requests. I’m not expert, Can you tell me why i read this error? Thanks a lot!

Sorry again, it’s Facebook that hosts the game. I edited your game in Construct 3, then exported in HTML 5 and uploaded the bundle on FB. Testing on PC (web browser) the game works perfectly. Testing on mobile the game starts but after some seconds: error 429 envato. I can’t understand why. Thanks again in advance

Most likely in the game there are links leading to the site Envato, you need to replace them all with your own or delete them.

Ok, i solved the problem! Great! :-)

Good day,

We have your zombie game. The homepage doesn’t have a back button, how does someone quit the game? Can you add that please?

Regards Leonard Ray

Hi, of course we can add, write to us on the mail:

what if i want to change Shape characters I can pay you and you change the shape to me

Hi, we can, the price will depend on the count. Email me for further discussion.

I would like to do these customisations: -facebook login to play -a global chart with all points of users (users with name + face from facebook) -share buttons how much would costs? And how much time do you need? Waiting for your reply, thanks

I do not do connection to facebook, I can for free, install the publication of the score on facebook, twitter and google plus.

what do you mean for the publication of the score on facebook? just the share of it?

Only share buttons!


This game Zombie Shooter have more than 15 levels?

Best regards,

Hello, the game has 15 levels, but the code is designed for 30 levels.


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