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What IDE is this built with…will it work in Android Studio? Also, what is the minimum Android version this game requires? Don’t tell me that it’s 6.0 as the info you provided appears to indicate, otherwise you would be eliminating ~90% of the potential market.

of course not 6.0 it just a mistake the game built with eclipse

It would appear that Google is on a house cleaning mission lately by taking down apps which are identical (or even similar) to other apps in the Google Play store. This happened to me just yesterday. Obviously this will be devastating to the “template” market unless a complete re-skinning of apps takes place. Changing an icon or a couple of graphics is rather easy to do, but when it comes to a whole game, or other app, that is a much different story. Do you have any suggestions on this?

I’m not so sure, but even if that were the case, what would be the point in buying a template if you have to change it completely to make it look like something entirely different? After all, there are essentially only 2 parts to an app, the code and the assets, and the code is open source.

Update: I received a detailed reply to my Google Play appeal yesterday. In short, apps built from templates are no longer allowed in the Google Play store, and it will be just a matter of time before they will be removed by Google, with the possibility of the associated Google Play account also being suspended.

unfortunately it will be a big pb for all developers and reskiners right now

what about the game is it android studio also is it works on 6.0 android devices ?

eclipse and you can import it to android studio and yes it works on 6.0 devices

Do you provide reskin documentation ?

of course there is a documentation

When I open the game in the store I will appear all the characters enabled. If I open the game demo appear 2 blocked character to release with coins.

The coin counter on opening the game does not appear.

nice game where i can find developer id and id page facebook at coud source help me

Hello you can find this info in the documentation any question please contact us on infinityappegy@gmail.com

Hello where i can find id more apps and id facebook can you help

Hello you can find this info in the documentation any question please contact us on infinityappegy@gmail.com

Hello, Can I run this game in Android studio for reskinning ? does it has AdMob banner integrated?

its on eclipse platform but you can convert it easily and yes it contains admob banner and interstital

hello my friend how i can do privacy policy can you help me

is still cqn use the codesource?