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levels? and eclipse?

this is unity3d project not eclipse based it have 2 level and any one can add more levels actually this game like a game KIT..to create multiple zombiee games..

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What I need to reskin? This is made in Unity 3d?

yes this is developed in unity3d.you need unity3d software for reskin it..Thanks for more question plz add me on skype. skype wasifgc https://www.facebook.com/motivatorsapps/?ref=hl

may I ask what version of Unity is needed to reskin this?

yes you can work 4.x any version.of unity3d.if you can work with unity5 the project will upgrade automatically.. For More question plz add us on skype! skype wasifgc or https://www.facebook.com/motivatorsapps/?ref=hl

I opened the project using Unity 5, but many errors in the scripts came after the import, you already tried that? Unity 4 is completely safe? thanks.

have you upgrade the project files when you open in unity3d …if you are not comfortable with unity 5 then install any version of unity4.x 4.6.3 or any version of unity3d 4. recommended 4.6.3 if you can not configer project in your desktop then please add me on skype i will do it for you.

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hello there is two things i want to know : - when i open the game there is white banner or picture at the top right side of the first menu and levels menu how can i delete this - how can i put my Leadbolt ads

when you will click on main menu camera you can see menu.js file in inspector and one blank texture is assinged for the game title because every one can put his own texture.so there is texture attached menu script with the name of “box” and assign your texture there for the game title, Leadbolt, open menu.js file and just replace your id of leadbolt from start function.

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this give me error before

please ad me on skype some time it due to wrong import project in unity3d… skype id wasifgc

Hi, I need your help please reply me.

Hi, i purchased this game, I try to build android apk using Unity 3d and apk builds successfully, but when i try to run it in my android device. It doesn’t work and stops by showing message ” unfortunately game stopped” I already mailed you but there is no response. please help me.

i need to check your minifest file please add me on skype This issue due to your some minifest file setting skype wasifgc waiting for your contact request!! Thanks

hi can u reskin and install it for me ?

yes you can contact with me on skype skype id wasifgc

I can open this on Android Studio or only on Unity?