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the demo APK is corrupted.

sorry, I have updated both items. please try again.

thanks, it’s working

can’t install the demo apk: “There was a problem parsing the package”

sorry, I have updated both items. please try again.

Same result :( APK is corrupted :( please send it to my email bafna.sanket@gmail.com

They already have been updated. try again

This new APK is also corrupted.

Hello, the first phase is to put different character, or can only appear the same image?

Too this new Demo APk is corrupted.. Can you update again?

it’s only demo

I downloaded the app from google play. He bought you this app and too i have the same problem. To close the interstitial ad, send me the beginning i do not get to play.

make the showInterstitialAds() do nothing at GameActivity.java

How can I put interstitial ad the end of each mini-game?

and when I close the interstitial ad not take me to start (home)

please remove ” GameActivity.app.showInterstitialAds(); ” at mMainCallback method of CoverScene.java

and insert it to bottom of “this.saveToDB();” of ScoreShownScene.java

it doesn’t take you to start. it takes you to previous screen interstitial showed.

Thanks, Now, it works perfect

Is possible to change the mario character for another character? i suposse it violates copyright and the app can be banned.

of course you can change the character with your own characters

I only need to change one image or there is more complicated process? Thanks for your quick answer

the character is consists of several animation images for working, and jumping

Very bad support. No answers any questions

Can i resize or move ads on bottom ads ?

it very big and overlap some button


there is list of banner size of admob.

you can set the size of banner with “adView.setAdSize(AdSize.BANNER);”

what is the game engine used in this game ?

cocos2d android

i want to buy this game….. but this game has only 8 level i wanna know that may i add more custom level in this game

i want to purchase the game the problem is am a beginer , i do not do pro reskin just basic reskin , what are the basic that i can do so my app will get accepted in google play , does the carecters and the images and sounds are licenced under someone or i can use them all and change no grafics sorry for bad english

Hi Sorry I dont have the resources you want. Thanks.

Please don’t buy any app from this developer, his app is suspended by google due to security vulnerability and google will suspend your account. When i ask developer to update his app he is not responding….... Worst service

Hi I have difficulties showing the ads. how can I show the ads on the app

Excuse me, can you tell me how to stop music? Because the begin music is kepp playing when we open the game and press home button on phone. Help please. Very apreciated if you help and anwer my question.