zLabel for WindowsForms

zLabel for WindowsForms

Glowing Label control that has several features. Features such as Alpha transparency, gradient backgrounds, rounded corners and much more. The zLabels main feature is the pulsing animation. This feature is great for idle labels such as “Downloading…” or “Loading…” the zlabel in this case would pulse a glowing animation effect. The zLabel can be using with C# and applications along with other .NET projects.

The zLabel is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop it into your project and with a simple “rebuild” you will have the zLabel in your toolbox!


  • Border: Sets/Gets the Border type
  • 1) GradientFill
  • 2) Fill
  • 3) OnlyBorder
  • 4) none
  • BorderColor: Sets/Gets the Color of zLabel Border
  • FillColor: Set/Gets the filling color
  • FillOpacity : Sets/Gets zLabel’s Opacity/Transparency on objects.
  • GlowAnimationSpeed: Sets/Gets the glow animation speed.
  • GlowColor: Sets/Gets the color of the outer Glow
  • GlowColor: Sets/Gets the color of the glow on text.
  • GlowIntensity: Sets/Gets the intensity of the Glow.
  • GlowType: Sets/Gets the text glow type
  • 1) GlowOnMouseEnter
  • 2) Always
  • 3) Pulse
  • 4) None
  • GradientStrength: Sets/Gets the strength of the gradient Integer.
  • Image: Sets/Gets the image
  • ImageAlign: Sets/Gets ImageAlignment Note: The xy position of the Image can be altered by using the zLabels Padding Property
  • RoundRadius: Sets/Gets the rounded corners of the zLabel.
  • TextAlign: Positions the text within the control.

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