ZipFileMe : File sharing made Easy

ZipFileMe : File sharing made Easy

ZipFile is a php application, which is designed for uploading and sharing files to anyone very easily and securely. Very simple steps are needed to share files with your users.


  1. AWS account
  2. PHP >= 7.0.0
  3. MySql >= 5.6.0
  4. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  5. PDO PHP Extension
  6. Mbstring PHP Extension
  7. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  8. XML PHP Extension
  9. Make sure to read Server requirements before you start Laravel Requirement
  10. allow_url_fopen should be set on inside your php.ini
  11. mod_rewrite should be enabled for Apache

Features :

  1. Simple drag and drop File upload system
  2. Can Share files with multiple recipient at once
  3. Can Download all files at once by zipping them automatically
  4. Streamed Zip and download, so less resource dependency on server
  5. Use Amazon S3 as file storage
  6. Use backblaze b2 as file storage
  7. Send Email Notifications to sender and receivers
  8. Link can be shared with anyone
  9. Ability to share already shared files to anyone without downloading files
  10. Ability to add remove files from already shared link
  11. 30 days validity of every share
  12. Backend access to view all share codes and list other details

Other Features :

  1. Login to backend to see the list of shares
  2. Download Zipped files from backend directly
  3. Delete Share files
  4. Ban Users IP

Demo :

Demo Url : (1MB upload limit)
Admin Panel :

username :
pass : thunder32

Upload limits are limited to your server settings. Make sure to change these settings in your php.ini :

max_execution_time (increase it a bit to make sure large files could get uploaded, also zipping files together takes time.)

Required file :

* Make sure you read the file and see all the installation videos before considering this script doesn’t work. Please!

Enjoy! Ping me if you need support!

New Features v.2.0

# Added BackBlaze support
# Added About Page
# Added Help Page ( With contact form )
# Added Legal Page
# Added Admin Account email and password update option
# Added Settings page (No Need to update .env file any more)
# Added File delete option
# Added IP Ban option
# Added Easy Installation Wizard
# Updated UI a bit