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Nice update, but too bad it doesn’t fix the problem with:

“Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for undefined in /home/xdatus/public_html/ on line 5”

Which also occurs on your live demo.

when does the error occur?

You can make the error occur this way:

Start the drag, but drop it anywhere but the drop area. The icon will the go back to it’s original place. Now start the drag a second time on the same item, but this time, drop it in the drop zone.

It will cause the error everytime.

Alright thanks mate i’ll see if I can solve it in the near future, don’t kill me if I can’t though since I got a lot of work coming up…

I just recently got hired to work during this summer for Bose Audio Systems’ webdevelopment team, and they have a lot of changes coming up on their websites so yeah, gonna be a lot of work!

Can this be used for .zip based uploads and then use this script to unzip the files?

Nope I’m sorry that would be exactly the other way around of what this script does. This is purely for server-side zipping and then downloading multiple files in 1 zip.

Though i’m sure there are many examples online of how to upload and unzip zip files?

if you drag the last image to the drop area, it doesnt remove it from the list

I do not have zip support on my server and I am not finding it on the net. Do you have the link?

well it’s best that you ask your host about it personally, it’s a “small” detail for most hosts and wouldn’t be included in the features of your package

i personally don’t have zip support on my server but my friend does (which is where the example is hosted)

I am just asking if you have the link to the zip support software? I can have a member of my staff install it.

Oh alright well I have never installed it myself but as I understood it you can easily configure PHP to have zip support after installing the zip library check some of these links for details (the first one should probably be enough)

Also, I am VERY sorry for the late reply but I have been busy with college exams

Can you add support for IE9 ?

I am pretty sure I have zip support, but I will have to look into it further…

If you could shed some light on this error I’m having… I’ve uploaded the files to my server, and when I drag a thumbnail to the download box, this error shows up for each item dragged in.

“fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in …”

Then if I click download to zip and download the items, I get a 404 error

The requested URL /zipdrop/zips/ was not found on this server.

Thanks in advance for the insight.

Please disregard my previous message. The error was due to not having the correct php extension installed on apache. I’ve rebuilt my apache and it works like a charm. beautiful script, and very beautiful price. great job and thank you.

I am very sorry for the late reply I must have not gotten your comment in my mailbox, but I am very glad the problem is resolved!

Have a nice day!


Man!!! I REALLY wan’t this on my website, because I have a perfect occasion to implement it, but I can’t put on something that has such a major bug. Don’t you think you can fix it? I’m talking about the same problem Cyrem discussed (an entire year ago)!

I am sorry I haven’t had much time for CodeCanyon lately I’ll look it up and try to fix it for you for sure!

I have now fixed the bug Cyrem was talking about in the next update for zipdrop 1.2, it is in the review queue right now

Please fix the live preview. Once you do reply to this post, and I might be interested. Thanks

Oh my thanks for notifying me of this, it was on a friend’s server since mine didn’t have zip support. I’ll see if I can get it up again on the website of the company I work for and reply!

Alright thanks man.

The preview has been moved to another server, it’s fixed

Hi There

Thanks for the Script, its great :) One thing I cant seem to do though is make the copy( picture title) draggable also. I need that for what im trying to do, please could you advise me :)

Much appreciated.

I will look into it later when I have some time, until then try to play around by changing for example: leafs.jpg

into leafs.jpg

note the added “downloadable” class. I am sure things need to be changed in the javascript also but I’ll let you know in case you can’t figure it out by the time I look into it

Have a nice day!

Raykoid666 – I haven’t purchased your script and possibly won’t. I’ve just been browsing, but I’d like to recommend an update to your script. It may be beneficial to some people or it may not. In your file where the user can change variable, you should include a variable that is either true or false.

I’ll call it the refresher or the plus1. :) and this is how it would work. Right now as it stands your script downloads a zip folder labeled “000000” [ its just an example ]. The visitor didn’t download everything he wanted, so he attempts to make a second download. The folder is still labeled “000000”. Those numbers do not change until the page is refreshed.

My idea is that when a user clicks the “Download” button.. either 1 or 2 things happen.

1. The page is refreshed, a new download number is generated and the zip folders have different names.


2. The number that has been generated is given a variable++ meaning it would increase by one number. Again the end result being 2 differently named zip files.

Like I said, it may or may not help some people.