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Does this plugin have a redirect after submitting a zip code?

There is no redirect, the result is displayed in the widget itself.

how do i customize the heading? I want it to say “Enter the first 3(three) digits of your postal code to see if we deliver to your area.”

Please email to and we will revert back

Hi I’ve just purchased this plugin and have tried to import a csv but nothing is imported. I get this message: Imported 0 rows in 0.04 seconds

I’ve watched the Youtube vid and followed the instructions. Please help.

Hi. I noticed that you don’t work at weekends so I’ve sorted this out myself. I had to upload my 6000 post codes via phpMyAdmin.

I’d still like to know why the import failed but no longer urgent.

Please check the sample CSV and create your CSV in the same way, if it still doesn’t work send us your CSV to

I tried to register on your support forum but it doesn’t work.

I need to remove the phrase “Product cannot be delivered at your pincode location.” I edited the language file and uploaded it but still get the phrase.

Can you tell me if the file writes to another language file in Wordpress. I have searched the database via phmMyAdmin and can’t find the phrase so it must be some place else. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the plugin in the hopes that it would update.

Your help is much appreciated on this urgent matter.

Please send us a email on

can we make zip code check mandatory – i mean can we make sure that customer cant click on add to cart until and unless he checks zipcode.

Currently the plugin is not integrated with WooCommerce but works in general with Wordpress, in Future we plan to integrate it with WooCommerce

I am unable to batch upload. Can’t find sample csv file but I did save in the correct format.

Please email us your CSV file on

You need to save CSV as MS DOS format CSV, rest looks good, we are sending your CSV file back to you.

I have not gotten a response to my ticket. I need to know how to customize the heading.

Sorry for the delay, we missed out on your ticket, replying today.

Hi. right now I am able to display the zip code checker in widget or shortcode. How can we display the zip code checker in single product view of woocommerce. Like you can see in the image

Please update me the PHP code that I can use it in my Woocommerce plugin. I am not able to use the Shortcode…

e. g <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[catlist id=1 numberposts=5)]’); ?>

I used the syntax in price.php of my woocommerce but it shows me an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/beingele/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/price.php on line 17


How can I change/style the following in the widget front-end:

1st) When delivery is set to YES how can I NOT SHOW the delivery status in the success message? ie: Delivery : Yes

2nd) How can I style the ‘Message’ ? as I want to delete the word ‘Message :’ and add a ‘tick’ icon in front of the message instead.

Many thanks in advance….

Where can I find the sample csv file?

Hi, I have purchased your plugin from other user. Plugin is not working due to recent version WordPress and theme. It shows JavaScript error in browser console. Can you solve the issue.

Hi, I have purchased your plugin from other user. Plugin is not working due to recent version WordPress and theme. It shows JavaScript error in browser console. Can you solve the issue.

We sell plugins only on Codecanyon, if you have purchase it from elsewhere then its piracy, we have no authorised place other then Codecanyon to sell our products. Once you have purchased the plugin you can register you issue on

Hello Author,

I am building an Online Home Services platform for can choose a Haircut & book it for some amount & our clients are going to get that service in their residences.Our service providers are going to be listed in the page of the product.In each of the product page sellers(in our case service-providers) are listed & you can choose any one of the sellers,book an appointment,pay a minimal amount & checkout with safety.Please inform me also if your module is compatible with the famous pinpoint booking system of codecanyon.Is your theme also compatible for virtual or bookable products??Please inform me whether we can change the text of your module.For the demo page when someone gives the pincode it would display service is available.Also we want to change check product availability tetx by check service availability text.Just click on this demo link of urs:

You’ll understand..

Please reply me here or mail me at

Regards, Supriyo Ghosh


i am using the latest version of Woocommerce…is your module compatible for the latest woocommerce version??

Waiting for your kind reply.

Regards, SupriyoG

Hello, How can we modify the text part??

Waiting for your reply.

Regards, SupriyoG


i am using the latest version of Woocommerce…is your module compatible for the latest woocommerce version?? How can we modify the text part of your module??

Waiting for your kind reply.

Regards, SupriyoG

i’m looking forward to purchase this plugin, i have question Can we able to display and check the zip code at checkout process when customer enters it zip code in so it zip code is available for COD it will display otherwise it will not. Thanks

Hi, You can do that as you can seen in our demo video or check this link will display COD, Delivery,VIA,Message.


How can I change “Product cannot be delivered at your pincode location.” message to “You are outside of our standard service area”?

Thank you!! Add how to change the “verify” button to say “check”.

It didn’t work an error message pops up so I’m unable to activate it :(.

Got It! Thank you, I just need to know where to change the verify button.

Hello, can i upload a range of postcodes, or can i use wildcard like 040* ?? thanks

You need to upload all the postcodes in csv sheet, wild cards are currently not supported

Hi. Is this compatible with wp 4.5? Is this modifiable? I only need this to enter zip codes to ‘See if you are in our delivery area’. If zip code is listed, a ‘congrats’ message appears. If not, another message appears. Can this be done with your plugin? Does this work independently from Woo Commerce, or does Woo Commerce have to be installed? I was looking for something like WP Triggers that disappeared the day I went to buy it. Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks.

- This plugin is independent of woo commerce - You can enter your own zip codes - With every zip code you enter the display message - For zip code not existing the message is not editable from the css file or admin panel but can be edited from code directly - WP 4.5 it’s not tested but should work, need to test it


Nice plugin, I have a few questions about it.

1 – On my country postcodes have 2 groups of numbers. Ex.: 1990-083 Will it work on my case?

2 – Is it compatible with the latest Wordpress version?

3 – Is it compatible with Woocommerce latest version?


Hi there,

I would like to make a website similar to this: Can I achieve this with your plugin? Thanks

Can you email us your detailed requirement on we can customise the plugin to make it work as per your requirement


prsocial Purchased

Hello there,

I’ve got the following presale questions:

- Does this plugin also work with Dutch postal codes (e.g. 3555 CR) - Is it possible to give the plugin postal codes with a wildcard? (e.g. 3555*)

Thanks in advance!