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Some pre-sales questions:

- does the plugin work without a WooCommerce installation? - can I use local Dutch ZIP-codes like “1234 XY” - can I add a number like “1234 XY 56”?

Regards, Hans.

yes can use without WooCommerce installation and you can use any country zip code like alphanumeric its supported.

Sounds great, thanks for answering.

question before buy. Can i add this plugin as {short-code} without widget?

Yes. you can use short-cod without widget also

Yes. you can use short-code without widget also

Hey is this still being maintained?

We are looking forward to release a new updated version by this month end

pre sales question: can i add this to a popup when the site loads or on a specific page?

Plugin looks like it might work for a project that we’re working on,

However, have a pre-sale question. Is this plugin compatible w/WP 4.8+? I’ve noticed that historically, you don’t update often and was just wondering about if/how that affects the plugin’s functionality.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I’m looking forward to your reply.


PS. Worked perfectly on WP 4.8.1

Hi could you please send enquiry to

Hi, where can I see the plugin in action please? The demo link says “Error establishing a database connection”. Thanks

Hello, i did purchase your product a year ago. I just saw that on my website that the company name is not being shown on the results. Can you please let me know what can be the issue. My website

Thank in advance.

You can email us on

Hello ladybirdweb,

I am keen to buy this but I have a pre-sale question. We operate in specific locations but we would like to gather data on people that are interested in our service but are currently outside of our operating area. Can it be configured to capture email addresses if the customer location is not currently served?

Many thanks

Yes you can do this but its coming under customization. You can email us on


w2au Purchased

OK i bought this plugin despite some negative comments as I really needed an affordable solution.

I had to play quite a bit as I could not find a sample csv file anywhere. I recommend to the Authors they add one at the root of the zip file. Once i played a bit in SQL I identified the headers for the CSV File when you import they are zip_code, company, message, status, cod. Take out the commas and periods of course.

What tripped me up when trying to import and really its my fault is the status must say Yes or you will get a no delivery error.

The widget enables you to specify not to show a couple of the fields in the results. I would like to remove the heading “Delivery: Yes” as the message (which you enter” tells them it is available.

Final thing i wanted to change and wasn’t an option in the plugin was the text “Product cannot be delivered at your pincode location.” Which I found in the Plugins Editor and edited the sidebar-zip-code-checker.php file.

So to the Authors I would recommend you

1. Include a sample csv file in an easy to locate place. 2. Add an option so Delivery: Yes is easier to remove. 3. Add an option to change the “Product cannot be delivered at your pincode location” message.

To potential buyers I would recommend the plugin as it is cheap and as long as you follow what I have supplied all should be good.

Thank you for your comments.Could you please send enquiry to

Looking to purchase another license, is it possible for someone to type in a zipcode, and have that zip code say which days delivery is available for that zipcode? Might need to enter multiple days, so my question is, can we add more fields that would include those responses?

Yes can. Need edit php code.Could you please send enquiry to

Hi, i need a zip search box that displays a store Address (The store page could be for example a Post or a page). So for example searching for Zip 12345—> Should redirect/Display post ID 1 . Is anything like this possible with your plugin? Thanks