Discussion on Zilla NFTs - iOS Swift (OpenSea NFT Marketplace)

Discussion on Zilla NFTs - iOS Swift (OpenSea NFT Marketplace)

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Apple WILL NOT approve app until IAP for Minting, and buying NFTs is integrated. I understand that this is just a medium for OpenSea. Which is not allowing for new APIs. (Have applied 4 times. 4 Times denied.) So basically this app only makes the person with the opens api $$. If Apple approves. Which they will not. Denied twice for the same reason. IAP does not cover the purchase thru OpenSea of NFTs. Love the app(s). Beautiful UI and thought process put into it. But if you could somehow add IAP on All purchases inside this app…..that would be cool and greatly appreciated! Thx!!!!

Do you have it on Android?

Thank you for your interest in the product!

This project does not have an Android version,...

Word of advise, Apple will not approve this project, don’t waste your money – I asked the developer for proof that apple will/has approve the project no answer – unless one of the other 12 that purchased the project let me know otherwise – this is a waste of time and money…

great I just sent you an email thanks

What’s your email? I don’t receive any emails,...

used the messaging system here, im not posting my email address here

Hi there, do you support other wallets supported by Opensea such as coinbase? or just metamask alone?

Let me know if you can integrate Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Argent, MetaMask

Currently, I only found an integration for MetaMask, other wallets are not supported yet,...

Sorry for the late reply,... Can integrate connection Trust Wallet, Argent,... And Coinbase does not support mobile app connection yet,...

I believe Gunero10 is correct, the app was rejected from the App Store… this is the message I received…

Guideline 3.1.1 – Business – Payments – In-App Purchase We noticed that your app includes or accesses paid digital content, services, or functionality by means other than in-app purchase, which is not appropriate for the App Store. Specifically:

- The NFT can be purchased in the app using payment mechanisms other than in-app purchase. :shocked:

Next Steps The paid digital content, services, or subscriptions included in or accessed by your app must be available for purchase using in-app purchase.

If you have any additional information to provide regarding the digital content and services in your app and how the guidelines apply to them, please reply to this message in App Store Connect and let us know. If there is information you’d like us to consider in our review of future submissions, please feel free to include it in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect.

This is basically a deal breaker, that’s the whole purpose of the app, have you actually submitted the app to the store and was approve, if so please share the link so we can see it, otherwise looks like we all donated $99…

One more question before purchasing:

Apple only allows to “buy” or better to say “pay” for something through their own Apple in-app payment system (see below). If people can buy through the app, using MetaMask, the app will be rejected by Apple. How to handle this?

3.1.1 Business: Payments – In-App Purchase

“The paid digital content, services, or subscriptions included in or accessed by your app must be available for purchase using in-app purchase.

Apps that offer paid digital services and content across multiple platforms may allow customers to access the content they acquired outside the app as long as it is also available for purchase using in-app purchase. See Guideline 3.1.3(b) Multiplatform Services for more information.”

We do not buy NFT directly from the app,... In-app purchase, only for removing ads,...

Thank you for your interest in our products!

Yes, but according to Apple and the policy above, people are adding their MetaMask wallet to purchase NFTs, which is against Apple’s policy, because they want people to use IAP for the transaction.

And how does the referral feature works?

Hoangmtv, thanks for simplifying the instructions :) i still suggest you make a video of the steps… also when you hit the share button a window comes up with and error and this address: any idea whats going on and why does it redirect to your website? thanks!

It may be related to Firebase’s shortened link,... Let me check and fix the problem,... Thanks for your feedback about the issue,...

I would like a refund please, this project does NOT work as advertised – thank you

Im sorry but the instructions for this VERY expensive project are horrible! You should really make a video on how to set this up, maybe a private link on YouTube or something…

Thanks for your response!

I would like a refund please, this project does NOT work as advertised – thank you

Hi can you send me app demo on testflight?

can this be used with a custom API different than Opensea API?

Hi,... What do you mean? Custom API like?

Hi, I have some post sales questions I wanted to ask you, can we please connect on WhatsApp or could you please share your email ID?

My WhatsApp: +84944784567

Hi, is it very difficult to get the Opensea API? I saw they need to approve it first. After three days I still haven’t got any reply from them. I would buy this App if it is sure to get an API, because without API it won’t work, right?

Hi,... Just send your request, they will provide you with a key to query the API,...

Inside the project, there is my key API, you will get the data from OpenSea,...

I sent the request and they didn’t reply…if I use your API, you will also get the commission if there is a sale right?

No,... It is calculated by your wallet address, not by the key, inside the project there are documentation,...

If you want to buy a best nft marketplace script. Contact on telegram. Demo: ❤..

Support Xcode 12.4?

Yeah,... Support for Xcode 12,...

Great work… Good luck with sale!!


Hi, I have two questions, 1- Can you make a video of the app on simulator to see how its works? 2- is opensea api paid?

Hi,... I don’t understand the 2nd question. I have created a video that simulates how the application works on YT. You refer:

The second question, do you use opensea apis to show data inside the app or webview?

Yeah,... I use OpenSea API to show data,...

Excuse me for asking, but why would anyone install an OpenSea iOS unofficial clone app, with the same content, but with ads? And will Apple approve it?

Hi,... This is not a clone app,... OpenSea wants more people to use its platform so it creates APIs for developers,...

In you app users can upload their own nft? or your app show only nft catalog from opensea?

Yeah,... Currently we are using OpenSea’s platform to display assets, according to OpenSea’s documentation they will implement API for this feature in future, so app will have NFT minting built in when API ready,...

How can app earn money apart from the ads? you have mentioned somewhere that “● Get a commission when a user buys a property through the app” , can you explain how app can get commisison?

I really want to purchase this product , can you please reply ? Thanks

Yeah,... 10% for every asset purchase,...

i have read regarding it in opensea portal but dont found anything , can you please send official link of opensea ? would instantly buy your app


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