ZigZag Surge - Fast Tapping

ZigZag Surge - Fast Tapping

  • Android + iOS Project Included
  • BuildBox File Included

Try to keep up with curve path as long as you can!
Tap to change direction, and do to fall from path.

Path will change color as you proceed intro this awesome game, watch out for character color change to choose right color path for you.

Some of path will appear in font of you leave not so many time to react, you will need to be really quick!

Choose from:

  • - Bright Game
  • - Dark Game.

How far you can go.

Try the game:
ZigZag Surge - Fast Tapping - 1


  • Android + iOS Project Included
  • BuildBox File Included
  • iOS 10, Xcode 8
  • Android SDK 6+
  • Source code with universal support, Phone and Tablet support.
  • Game Artwork is included with .PSD file

Advertising Networks:

  • HeyZap Ads
  • AdMob Banner Ads

How To:

  • Create new App ID related to your project.
  • Create new Distribution Provisioning profile for your App ID, download it and install it in Xcode.
  • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app.
  • Change Atlases file with new images.
  • Change ID for AD Networks.
  • Update Review Us URL.
  • Configure Game Center.
  • Archive and Publish your game.