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hello, can I create a hidden field on the form customer, and I’ll fill it on admin

well, I think you want to modify the record later, right? that means, after the form is submitted, you wan to modify that hidden field in the record?
if not, could you detail more your example. regards

well, modifying the records of submitted forms is not available. regards

Can I build real time quotes using webhooks and API from a third party vendor and then build the price in real time?

hello, working with webhooks and API is not available. regards


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Hello i buy plugin zigaform

Like information? But it does not work Pro

please help



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hi i replied . i wait you . thanks for help . Regards


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hi, are you there . i replied to your mail. check it out. regards


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thank you

Now activated Plugin

With Regards

I need to create forms that give printed statistics for loan can be done with the plugin?

hello, do you have live example or something similar? I didn’t get you at all. here an example of loan calculator:
here other more complex example: http://wordpress-cost-estimator.zigaform.com/demo-sample/multivariable-calculation/



I’m trying to find out if Zigaform would be able to achive this:

The calculator I’m trying to create is exactly like this one.

Basically, The result should be a date that depends on two factors, the registration date of the vechicle (inserted by the user) and the kind of vehicle it is (selected by the user).

For example, if the vehicle is a brand new car with its registration date from today, the result date should be 30/01/2022 (for years from the inserted date), if the car has exactly 1year, the result should be 30/01/2021, for a car with 2years, the result should be 30/01/2020, 3 years, 30/01/2019, 4years 30/01/2018. But if the car is older than 4 years, then the date is always a year from the date inserted by the user.

Do you think it’d be possible with your plugin?

Thanks in advance!

yes, I haven’t tested with dates but I’m sure that’s possible. also if you are interested, I can make that form for you but I will charge you. just email me from my profile page or support tab in order to give you more details. regards

Having an issue with the form. The style is not loading properly in my website. I deactivated all the plugins and tried and still the issue persist. Check here for reference: https://tnkphoto.com/alacarte

hello, I replied to your mail. check there. regards

Thank you so Much!

Customer support is incredible! Author answered and helped me with my questions going above average! Easy to use, install and quick response from author. Highly recommend this product!

Hi there, Is it possible to add another payment gateway? (instead of Paypal)

hi, only paypal payment is available for the moment. what another payment you want to add? regards

When I upload the zip file I get a error message “This link has expired”

hello, I replied to your mail. check there. regards


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You never sent me instructions on how to fix the issue

so your current mail is not fine. give another mail in order to send you the message. regards

sent to that mail. regards

Hi, I need 3 radio buttons in the first field. And after choosing one of them – different fields to appear. I need such form elements: radio buttons, conditional fields, input text fields, range sliders (with custom step). I need emailing the result to administrator and customer. Place the total result fixed such here to be visible while calculating: https://nikitapugachev.com/brif/ Does the plugin support all of this?

hi again :)
1) yes, it supports conditional logic
2) it supports radio button, conditional fields, input text fields, range sliders with custom step of course.
3) yes, you can customize the mail notification for administrator and customer.
4) yes, you can put the fixed resulta in any part of the form.
5) according to your example. you can do kind of similar. here an example: https://wordpress-cost-estimator.zigaform.com/demo-sample/multivariable-calculation/

Hi There,

A few questions.

1. Can a checkbox be selected or unselected based on a drop down option chosen in a previous step? 2. Also can I do calculations in one field based on a drop down option chosen in a previous step? 3. Is there a way where I could present helpful text to the user for a specific question or option in a tooltip?


1) no, that feature is not available
2) yes, you can do that with calculation code. you can grab any field value from any part of the form and make the calculation.
3) all fields have a help block text and you can choose 4 modes: top, bottom, modal and tooltip
let me know if you have any other question