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Hi, when i export invoice to PDF in Korean(I selected encording Korean), It was failed. Broken charaters appeared. and i found just two text font selection, Courier and Dejavu Sans noto. Is it related to above problem? and Can i add more font?

reggretably it depends on the font and there is not option to do that for the moment. i will take it into consideration for next version update and this will available in the next week. I will let you know. regards

The Softdiscover Team rules! Maybe quicker responsive time by e-mail, then I’ll be a happier man.

hi, replied to your mail. regards

Hi, what’s going on? I’ve been waiting several days now. I’m not expecting bugs to be solved directly but at least some responses.

hi, replied to your mail. regards

I’m in search of a calculator that can handle 1,000’s of variations. I’m working on a website for a company that sells cuts of metal. www.emetalsales.com they currently have a quote system in place, but want to show pricing.

I think what you need is custom formula feature. this item doesn’t support this feature yet. but i have other item that support it. here an example:

Thank you for your help!

Is there away to have a text field where a client can put amount in and check out? Like a donation???

hi, you can use an spinner instead of text field and client can put a desired amount then you have to enable the payment page. you can manage to show only the paypal option then finally press the check out button. let me know if you any other question. regards

Just want to confirm, can I use a custom formula to calculate a field? For example, (1+x)^(-1/6). Can your plugin handle it?

no, that feature is not available yet. I will add it in future version updates. I have another item that has custom formula but it is not a wordpress plugin:

Repurchase question: Prices and fields be interconnected in conditional formulas?

I didn’t get you at all. it supports conditional logic. Give more details and an example please. regards

Is it possible to build a form like this: https://www.mozartmoving.com

similar look but not same functionality. check my demo examples. regards

Hi! Quick presale question: can you add taxes to the quote you create depending on the country the customers are buying from?

no, that feature is not available. regards

I just installed it and I got this error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: Uiform_Fb_Controller_Forms::$readable_properties in /usr/home/pronombres.es/web/wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-estimator/classes/uiform-base-module.php:46 Stack trace: #0 /usr/home/pronombres.es/web/wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-estimator/classes/uiform-bootstrap.php(472): Uiform_Base_Module->__get(‘Array’) #1 /usr/home/pronombres.es/web/wp-includes/plugin.php(524): Uiform_Bootstrap->route_page(’’) #2 /usr/home/pronombres.es/web/wp-admin/admin.php(222): do_action(‘toplevel_page_z…’) #3 /usr/home/pronombres.es/web/wp-admin/index.php(10): require_once(’/usr/home/prono…’) #4 {main} thrown in /usr/home/pronombres.es/web/wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-estimator/classes/uiform-base-module.php on line 46

no, the plugin is compatible up to php 6. php 7 is not supported yet. just switch php version to 5 or 6.regards

Yes, I did some research and changed to 5,4 and it works great. Thanks! I sent you two support emails for other issues yesterday btw. Have a nice Christmas day!

have a nice christmas day too. I’ve just replied your emails. regards


It says the last update is 4th of January, but I can’t recall I’ve updated this plug-in in a long time. I checked out the plug-in Wordpress page but there are no available updates?

Alternatively, you’re supposed to manually download again from Codecanyon?

Regards, edbergswe

hi, there is not automatic updates yet. you need to upgrade it manually. this is detailed on html documentation. the last version update is v2.9.3. regards

Ah, ok. Thanks!


doculeak Purchased

Still wait for support on translation issues loco translator gives this:

This bundle’s configuration has been automatically detected, but isn’t fully complete. No translation template for the “zigaform-wp-estimator” text domain 35 files can’t be matched to a known set of strings

hi, I didn’t get you at all. email me from my profile page or support tab login screenshots or print screens for better understanding. regards