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Hi, I purchased this product a short time ago and I have to congratulate you, very useful and easy to use. but I have a problem, I created a form that needs to send email to the admin and client, the admin email works well but that the customer gets the right header but the content of the email is always empty. can you help me ? Another problem I found when I tried to use recaptcha one with the check but when I plug it into the backend I see it but when I try the form does not appear the recaptcha. you can view the screen of the email client at this link: http://www.operazioneweb.com/screen.png

thank you

hi, how strange. email me from support page or profile page your login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

Bought this but after install (no errors) I get error 500. Link to site is: http://formulieren.hartvoordieren.nl/

maybe a file permission problem, just go to index.php file on (root dir of formulieren.hartvoordieren.nl)/index.php then change the writting file permission to 755. then try again. if the problem continue, email from support page or profile page your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards

Thank you.

Best but not any sms gatway integrating

no, that feature is not avaiable for the moment. regards

Hi, does it recquire a cron job? if yes, does it need to run every minute (for example)?If no, why the features does not recquire it?

Also, is that possible to set smtp instead of using phpmail for all the emails.

And do the data (the filled forms) is stored in database, or not, or do we have the choice?

Thanks to give some details if possible, not just “Yes” or “No”... so we can understand, a minimum, the functionning of the script.

1)no, there is no a cron job. the features dont require it because the software make all the jobs without cron jobs. what job do you think the cron job would do?
2) yes, you can use smtp instead phpmail
3) yes, all data is stored in database (mysql)
check admin demo and demo examples first.

I think cron job is good for storing messages in Queues, in a database table, so the confirmation is very fast for the user (just after filled a form). Otherwise, if not in queue but using direct sending mode, the user will have to wait a long time (some seconds) because of required connection to the smtp server.

So if we have lots of users filling the form, especially on shared host/resources, and especially if we have lots of users filling the form in the same (period of) time, all the confirmation message (and emails confirmation to the users + admin) would be very slowed down.

I am not sure of the advantage of a script not using a trigger like Cron. That’s why I hesitate to choose a script instead another one, since I use a shared host only (not dedicated), and since I could get hundreds of registration filled on a form in a same day, the first days in particular (after a promotion).

I think that depends on your hosting. and cron jobs are usually made for backups, payments, and some alerts but I haven’t heard to use for email notification on forms. this is the first time someone ask for that feature. If more people ask for that, I will consider to add that on future version updates. regards

it’s possible in a form to connect database ?

I don’t know what bootstart or material is. As mentioned it is compatible with any site but you need to install it inside subfolder of your main domain. my demo example is a wordpress site. and you can see the forms are working inside wordpress site. this is because this software is installed inside a subfolder inside wordpress site. then the zigaform software provides a widget code that you can paste into your site. that ’s how it is made in my demo examples. hope you have understood. regards

bootstrap OR MATERIAL framework of google, you know.

no idea about material of google. As mentioned on item description, this software is compatible to any site as long as you can install it inside a subfolder of your main site. that means you need control of your hosting, your mysql database and your php files. regards

Hi there,

I have a pre-sale question. I am looking to set up an order form on my website that will include images of the customisation the customer would like when they are placing their enquiry associated with radio buttons. I have seen a number of form plugins that allow you to add images to selections on a form but the images are not sent in the email when the form is submitted. I would like the images to come through in the email as well as the information of the form. Is this something that can be achieved using your plugin? Also on your demo site, it allows you to make a new form but not test it, as the preview window just opens the admin panel again in a frame.

Regards, Chris

hi, no, sending images from the selection are not sent into the email notification.

on the other hand, I’ve created a form and when the form is saved. it shows the url page of frontend, widget code and iframe code. but remember in the demo you can’t upload images and every hour the information is reset. regards

My Question is the same as above + how process pf integration with custom website looks like?

not necessary. you can create another database for zigaform or use your current database. I recommend you to create a new database for zigaform. I disabled the upload feature in my demo.that. that is the reason you see that message.
yes, you can attach images or files using the upload field or image field.here an example:
the file attach file before purchase. and I didn’t get you the last part. ready form with wireframe? regards


I have sent a direct email to the author.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards, Kamil

yes, I’ve just replied.you. regards

Hi, after changing the admin langugange in you demo it’s not more working: ... 404 Not Found


hi, yes, I know but you can go to another browser firefox or chrome to log again. for the moment don’t touch the settings because I’ve set many restrictions on demo but I will check those in few days. thanks for reporting this anyway. regards

We buyed with a different Account a Licence. I have Problems to contect to the Database. How can you help us?

hi, how strange. email me from my profile page or support tab the next:
- username and purchase code
- ftp access
- database setting
- url page where zigaform is placed.



Does it support modal/popup forms?

yes, you can put the widget code inside modal or popup content. even you can put the widget code in any part of your site. regards

Hey, very powerful product, good work! Is it possible to use the forms to database tables item manipulation? I mean, for example I have customers database table and I want to phone survey this customers. So, I want create a form with fields and input mapping. Select some customer in my table and call the edit form. So, I want to store form data in a same my customers table.

hi, 1) no, database tables item manipulation is not availabl. regards

When will come support for PHP 7?

hi, it already support php 7. check it out and let me know. regards

Hello, the email function is not working. the form send nothing to the admin or customer. And everything is filled in for the customer and administrator… What am I doing wrong?

hi, maybe your mail service on your host need to fill some requirements like the sender has to have same domain as the site. well, email from my profile page or support page your login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards


falens Purchased

hi, MySQL current settings is Off, how I can change to On ?


falens Purchased

hi, additional info when upload to my WP site, it’s around 50 MB size to upload it, are you sure for this ? I saw it from Documentation, I’m in Indonesia and for home user, it’s terrible for me. It’s almost 30 minutes and still on progress for upload it. there’s a way to use this ?

it depends on your internet connection and your hosting upload speed. another fast alternative is to compress all the files, then upload to your host, and finally decompress from your host. that’s what I do when I send updates to my demos. regards


falens Purchased

how about MySQL current settings is Off, how I can change to On ?

Do you offer an integration for vTiger CRM?

sorry, that feature is not available. regards

I would need German language… spezially for the calendar… the rest is easy, but the datepicker must be german! Important to buy for me… Need 100+ Forms…

yes, I can add that language into the calendar. I tested and works fine. here an screenshot:
just let me know in order to give you the steps.

Hi, for a contact form with a field “email”, when a receive the form from a customer, when I do “reply” in my mail client, I would like the that the email of the custumer to be in the “from” field. Is it possible ? Thanks

Can I create an form for purchase requests with the ability to add multiple items, vendors, quantities, individual prices and have it take the quantity times the individual price to create a total price per item?

maybe you should check my other item:
check the demo examples maybe one of them fit your needs. regards