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Well SoftDiscover, I like your program… not sure if I understand the front end that the forms are shown there but don’t matter for now..

What I would like to know is how can I center your or my forms iframe in the center of a page or container seems I could find anything that works on the net… :-(

Any tips or help or maybe a feature you could ADD?

Thanks Robert

yes, the forms are responsive. I already replied to your mail. check there. regards

Yes, Thanks… I give you 5 Star on setup and ease of use…!

Oh, Sorry yes is 100% responsive!!!! My Mistake!!!

I paste the exported code of form in import editor after load i click on save form it will loading loading and loading not saving! need help

how strange. email me from my profile page or support tab your purchase code then I will reply you the steps to follow. regards

Saved forms will not load when I try to open them after making changes to templates.

hello, email me from my profile page or support tab your login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

Hi SoftDiscover team, this is a presale question. The platform that you have developed looks great, so congratulations on that. I just wanted to check if it is possible to have dynamic/ variable text or labels in the survey/ form that we create, for example, if I want to refer the my survey respondent by name in the survey, can I define “Dear <variable value that gets passed on to the survey>, thank you for taking out time to fill the survey”. Please do let me know. Many thanks.

I guess you are referring to mail notification? if so, it is yes. you can customize the mail notification with any filled value of your form. let me know if you have any other question. regards


bmolina Purchased

Footer – Can I remove the footer? I do not wish my forms to say “Zigaform” on the bottom or have a link.

you can edit manually. just go to (root zigaform)/application/views/frontend/footer.php
open up with text editor and modify the html content. regards