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runtim Purchased

Can forms be password protected or hidden?

I can’t get you at all. well, I guess you mean to not show the form on frontend? if so, that depends on your site. you can apply a htaccess access but the zigaform itself don’t have a feature to hide the form. regards


yazan17 Purchased

Hi, I have bought your script but I couldn’t install. ( The requested address ‘**’ was not found on this server. Please help

how strange! email me from my profile page or support tab your purchase code and attach screenshot of the message what you see. regards


yazan17 Purchased

could you please write your email

replied to your mail. check it out. regards

Why don’t any of the examples work on the demo site?

what example is not working? check it here:

hello, first of all my compliments for your nice piece of work. However.. it is not what i was looking for appears after some testing, can you contact me about that ? info@barrysakkers.com or bsakkers via skype ?

ok. I already mailed you. regards

I uploaded the folder I get 404 error. however I did change the permission settings to 755

replied on your mail. regards

can i make a 12 col grid system

yes, you can make a nested grid. that means you can add first a two column grid then add 6 column grid or other column grid. regards

Hello, I purchased this script recently. I am implementing zigaform to my existing CI based CMS. Custom routes is not working. Can you please help me to setup custom routes?

Can you please tell me which version of CI 2 used in zigaform?

I mentioned at the beginning. it is version 2.1.4

okay. thank you for an update.

I want to insert the filled up form id in my custom table too so that I can link that with my custo tables. So how can I achieve that?

well, that feature is not available.but soon I will add a feature to grab the data and route to anywhere. regards

Hello, formhtml_radiobtn_css.php file is not exist in source code inside zigaform-php-form-builder\Upload_Application\application\modules\formbuilder\views\fields Can you please give me that file.

Form submission is not working. When we press submit button. it not record our response in DB.

As I mentioned on your previous message, email me from my profile page or support tab your login credential to admin section. regards

Form submission is not working. When we press submit button. it not record our response in DB.

how strange. email from my profile page your login credential to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

we need a model popup contact form is this possible

yes, you can put the form in your modal popup. just you need to put the widget code in your html content and that’s all. let me know if you have any other question. regards

Is it possible in a form with a e-mail field, this e-mail field is unique? The email can’t be repeat in the next fills?

no, that feature is not available. regards