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Is it responsive? Thanks

yes, it’s responsive. check demo examples first. regards

So I am looking at your tool to see if it will work for my needs. I need to create a form like the one seen in the following screenshot https://goo.gl/yUeRBH. I want to be able to have a person enter the Unit price for an item the quantity and based on it automatically mutiplying those two things it populate a value in the Total column. I then want to be able to take sum the “Total” column and place it in a column at the botom called “Grand Total”. Can I do this with your form tool?

I just want to know that individuals would use this form to tell us things they would like to be able to purchase for their department.

As I mentioned that feature is not available yet but I will take into consideration for future version updates. regards

Hello, I sent an email. Please check it.

ok. replied on your mail. regards

It is possible to enter 2 measures (for example, height and width) and obtain as result no 1 but 3 prices of a product? (Basic, Default and Pro) (here you hacva an example: http://prntscr.com/h4uz6x)

Of course. it will support any kind of math calculation and conditionals too. so it will handle all possibilities.
the prices need to be stored in the field itself. for example. A select list with 50 options and each option with its price.
the data is stored in database but is kind of compressed, so it’s difficult to modify via mysql. all data is modified via backend. for example: if you want to create a select list with 50 options, you will have to add each option manually via backend. that’s what you meant? regards

Thanks for your quick response. Then, I think it will not work for me. The real calculation would be based on 20 measures of width, 20 measures of height and 7 models of curtain. That gives us a total of 2800 different price possibilities. Thank you very much for answering.

I think you missunderstood. I was referring to the options of the field and not the total calculation. As i mentioned, the total calculation will handle any kind of different possibility . This is made through math formula. You know math formula support any kind of possibility.so All it needs,it is the options of fields. Por siaca hablo español si tienes mas dudas :)


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Hi, I try to install this, but got trouble with “mysql setting is No”, How can I solve this issue ? My PHP: 7.0 Mysql: 5.6


Hope you could help

hi, just proceed and when filling database settings, choose myql driver to “mysqli” option. then it should work fine. if the problem continue, email from my profile page or support tab your temp ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards


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I tried this also, but not help to solve about this,


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I sent my direct inform to you via support hope you could help


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please add an agreement check box for terms and condition with a custom link to required page. thank you

hi, I didn’t get you at all. do you have a live example or some screenshot for better understanding? regards


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something simular to this http://nimb.ws/xWhJyX

what you can do is the next. Add the checkbox, then enable the required validation and enable the help block in order to add your custom html content.


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hi can you please send me instruxtions to translate the select file button in the file upload field thank you.

hello, email me from my profile page or support tab asking about that issue and attach screenshot for better understanding. regards

Will this let me build the same website cost estimator as on this page – https://www.webpagefx.com/How-much-should-web-site-cost.html ?

yes, it would look kind of similar but select field or radio button would go instead the slider field of your example. let me know if you have any other question. regards

So I could have 5 to 10 questions, and could have radio buttons, with each button having 5 selections, stacked on top of each other, to produce a final calculation? Is there a way to see a demo of something similar of what I’m trying to accomplish, or do you offer a refund if it doesn’t do what I need it to do? Thanks for your time

I replied to your mail. just check it out. regards

You are not tired of creating a plug’in paying each function of a form if I calculate to make a simple estimate online I have to invest 200 € per year! That’s enough

PHP calculator is for PHP sites in general but if you have a wordpress site, the wordpress version will suits for you.

support RTL ?

hi, no, it doesnt support RTL. regards

After creating a form when I click on save it keeps on saving form nothing happens. Please let me know how can I fix the issue

hello, email from my profile page or support page your login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

Hi, I am developing a new opencart site. Our old site has a balustrade builder, where users choose a type of balustrade system, enter the measurements for each section and the module works out all the products required to build that type of balustrade system, and gives a total cost. The user then can add all the products to their shopping cart. Unfortunately, the old extension isnt working on our opencart v3 site. Wondering if this module would work and if you could provide a full set up of the systems? If so, can you email me with related costs. Our old site builder is – http://www.miamistainless.com.au/index.php?route=product/ball

sorry, that feature is not available. also I am not doing that kind of custom work. regards

Would be great to have a client registration / login feature before accessing the form. So recurring clients don’t have to enter all contact data everytime and I don’t have to expose my prices to everbody just for comparison

I assume you want to give access to your customers, right? if so, that feature is not available. regards

Yes, costumers and registered users. I know it’s not, but it would be a great feature :-)

Hi, This is per-purchase question and with a very specific question. I have roughly gone through your demo. I m interested to know the Loan payment calculator and Multivariable Calculation. 1) In the demo, can the Loan payment calculator show the amortization table and (optional to choose – summary or the table) and save to PDF directly?. and Do you have the in-built amortization calculation? 2) IF can, can the user attach his/her business card and email in the PDF file ? 3) The saving part, for eg. Multivariable Calculation, can we just specific the calculation part rather than the whole page to the PDF file? 4) Can the generated PDF be share to media like whatsapp, email or other (like the Email icon at the bottom of the screen) TIA

hi, 1) for the first, i m not used to javascript, would you mind to assist me to create the amortization table’s script? of course, if yes, i would purchase it immediately 2)Can i say that i can directly generate the PDF rather then send email (in the demo)? Thanks.

I just need to create an amortization table and PDF file (user can attach their business card to the PDF) and send to the user..that is the whole purpose.. Can be it done? I m very glad if you can give me a hand on it.. Thanks.

1) it depends. I would like to know the whole calculation logic in order to know if I can assist you. of course I will charge you an extra for this. email me from my profile page or support tab the details about your calculation logic.
2) no, generating custom pdf on frontend is not available
3) the software support upload fields so user/customer can upload any file even pdf files

Is it possible to enter a value dynamically into a hidden input?

I want to add the current users ID # when submitting the form.

hello, that feature is not available. I am curious, what do you mean with “current user ID #”. where do you get that parameter? and it’s supposed that paramenter is dynamic. regards

Hello, I have some issues..How could i open a support ticket?

hello, email me from my profile page or support tab detailing your issue. regards

Good afternoon. Does it support Russian language? Can I choose the Russian ruble currency?

Now I see that Firefox looks much better. So it was about incompatibility with Chrome?

Tell me, in what paragraph of the documentation you can read about how to configure the calculator? In particular, I need to configure it like this https://yadi.sk/i/hmwnBcpH3W3zMc

hello, for better performance, use screen resolution 1920×1080. and firefox browser. here the reference for calculation:
also you have two calculation templates. one is the loan payment calculator and the other is multivariable calculation which use multiple variables. first, you have to enable math calculation then add the calculation code. finally you will get a total variable that can be used in any part of the html. let me know if you have any other question. regards