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what is the main difference with your other script I bought? http://codecanyon.net/item/universal-cost-estimator/7103559

Just need to know if I should pay for upgrade :)

hi, those are different items. different backend. just check the backend demos to see differences. this brings drag and drop form builder and live preview and this supports wizard forms and the other not but the other script support custom formula, multiplication function, discount and this doesn’t support it. check item description of each one in order to see more details. regards

Thanks, I have to say your previous products are GREAT. I will stay with the custom formula but for those that need drag and drop, this would be perfect. Great support and unbelievably comprehensive documentation.

When I try to login in to the admin panel it says: “Access denied”

yes, you are right. now it is enabled. try access again. regards

thanks. regards

That background is really ugly, i couldn’t see anything, i clicked off without even testing functionality due to the poor design. Just something to consider.

how strange. I recommend to use firefox browser and higher screen resolution (e.g. 1920×1080) for better experience. check the quick video tutorial to see how it works. regards


I just read about the two different version you have on offer with slightly different features and I wonder how difficult would it be to merge both scripts so to have one having all features.


hi, this is one is the most complete about creating form. I will add in the future those features that the other item has. e.g. discounts, custom formula

Unable to login to backend… get Access denied. I emailed you, do we wait for business hours to get support for software?

if you don’t have a live host, there is no way to help you. maybe you need something to configure in your host. regards

radio buttons are the only buttons that support conditional logic? why? is this a bug or limitation?

radio buttons, checkboxes, select list, multiselect are included. soon I will add more fields in the conditional logic box. regards

Radio buttons are the only buttons that support conditional logic? why? is this a bug or limitation?

nope, sorry about that, just took me a min.

glad you figured it out. regards


lijia Purchased

Upload pictures Error! Form was not submitted.


lijia Purchased

Updated? When will our things be finished?


lijia Purchased

D:\www\application\helpers\common_helper.php on line 670 Upload pictures Error! Form was not submitted. Updated? When will our things be finished?

the update is ready. this will be available in codecanyon tomorrow. if you want the update now, email from my profile page or support tab the ftp temp access in order to update it for you. regards


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D:\www\application\helpers\common_helper.php on line 670 Upload pictures Error! Form was not submitted. Updated? When will our things be finished?

hi, replied on previous message. regards

I’m looking for a calculator like the examples given below…. on For Sale By Owner sites to show “How Much You Save”

Question is, Can we build a form calculator like the ones used in these examples?

Examples:- 1) https://www.purplebricks.com/ 2)https://www.solopro.com/sell 3)http://savvylane.com/

this item doesn’t support those feature yet. regards

Are you planning on adding the file duration for video and audio files so that price calculations can be performed by including the duration in minutes as part of the calculation?

hi, not yet. that feature is not in my plans yet. regards


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is it possible to set some fields to multiply by a quantity field and at the same time other fields only add a flat price and do not multiply by the quantity field? also is it possible to set quantity discounts for each field type and option?

no, those features are not available for the moment. regards


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wish i would have asked before paying. really sucks.

hi, for some reason after install the admin user password was not what i had set but was rather just ‘admin’ (seriously – makes me wonder!). i corrected that in the database and i could login. however now whenever i interact with the ‘users’ feature eg. creating or updating a user, the changes will be written to db but i will get a 502 error on the backend until i clear cookies and login again. feels like the auth/session system here is not all as it should be? any ideas?

Thanks for the response, ive managed to resolve the odd 503 errors. only issue i have left is when i create forms with prices, the place holders for currency/price/etc are not replaced with the variable. eg. they just show as: (uifm_symbol [uifm_currency]). any thoughts? if needed ill drop you access details via email.

added: in case it helps this is what is in the DB for a field with prices etc: (%5Buifm_symbol%5D%20%5Buifm_price%5D%20%5Buifm_currency%5D)

hi, there is a new version update that I sent yesterday. and it is available to download right now. Download and upgrade it, and let me know how it goes. if the problem continue, email from profile page or support tab your ftp access and login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

This form seems promising. A few questions. Does Zigaform provide an option to combine an order form and payment gateway selection form into a single form with one submit button? Is it possible to hide the invoice link on the gateway selection form or to hide the invoice number on the invoice? Is multiple file selection and upload (e.g., Gmail’s file attachment feature) supported or does conditional form logic enable a user to dynamically add file upload fields as needed? Is it possible to set a percentage or flat markup/deduction for individual fields so that category discounts, volume discounts, surcharges, taxes, etc. can be calculated for applicable products/services?

Gmail’s multi-file attachment feature is a prominent live example. Also, there is another form software available at Envato that I will not mention here that includes a multi-file upload feature (as well as a feature to combine payment gateway selection and order form into a single form). I think live examples may be available and will send them to you privately if you would like to investigate them.

yes, I would take it as reference. thanks

Message sent with links to live examples. If those features are integrated into your form software, I certainly will purchase a license.

Congrats Bro. Welcome to Envato Family. Best of luck.

thank you

Getting “Access denied” error on login to backend. Any ideas what could be wrong

how strange. email me from my profile page or support tab your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards


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How much would it code to make this form builder support Stripe?

hi, replied to your mail. regards

its possible export to xml or csv the form data?

hi,the records can be exported to csv. then you can open with excel and check all your records. regards