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Excellent work, i like it! :)

Thanks! :)

Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! :) Glad you like it!

Sorry, adding that information now!

can I integrate your item with php contact page ?

Yes, but you will have to do that yourself. We do allow for a public ticket creation – so if you go to the ticket add page as a non-logged in user, you can create a ticket as a public user. To integrate with your own PHP contact page, you will have to do some custom development work.

Hi, i´d like to buy your script, but please are you planning fully responsive version?

Our product is partially responsive – we use Bootstrap, and responsive layout. So the layout is already responsive, but some of the pages have to be made mobile-friendly.

Hi, I tried setting it up but I can’t find the DB. Where is it located in the folder?

Its in /app/telerim/sql – did you find the app.sql there?

Dear telerim, where’s the installation guide? i can’t figure out how to install it? can you provide me ? it is getting error…

We just updated the page to include it- . It is also in the file in your download.

I’m having the same problem. No documentation to install. Please provide. Thank you

Never mind, I figured it out.

However, I get this error when adding a new user: Fatal error: Call to undefined function _() in /home/bybjobs/public_html/app/Controller/UsersController.php on line 246

Also, admin does not get notified when ticket is created.

Please help

Where’s the support??

Apologies, we will be pushing out an update that should fix most bugs with this app over the next 2-3 days.

If my existing database is already setup prior to the new update, can I just replace the files and not the database for fixes to be effective?

Hi, there are some small database changes, but not too many. Are you able to do a diff on the app.sql file to see the changes? It should work for the most part, but there are some minor DB changes.

Dear telerim, i’ve two questions for you. 1. I would like to make assignee just like a watcher you’ve made it but i can’t do it like that can you please help me to do it? in other words, add multiple people to assignee just like you did in watchers. 2. if i buy Zhen Documentation Wiki can you combine zhen project management to one app or is it built in it?

or please tell me how to show watchers on frontpage, i mean in index list. i can’t find a way to do it. please help me? any support here?

Hi Aagii, you will need to make code modifications for your requests. 1. You mean you would like to have multiple assignees to your tickets? That’s definitely possible – you will have to copy the “watchers” table and change the assignee code to be like the watchers code. 2. We can’t combine those two applications yet – are you looking to have a single sign on, or some other feature? 3. To show watchers in the front page, you just need to add that column and field – you will need an additional query in the controller to join against the watchers table to get that data.

btw, i found a few bugs where can i report it?

You can report it here.

wow your support is worst than i thought. i’m really disappointing!

Hi, I’ve replied to your previous comment. Please check.

Hi. I would like to add a phone number in every user i create. I saw in your db that the phone column is available but i cant see it when i create the user. Is it possible to enable it?Thanks

If you know cakePHP it can be done easily.

Hey, sorry, but i have a problem. i have run the app.sql but my page is empty. Can you help me please?

Hi, hope you have followed the installation instructions properly, here is the link if you still find it problem let me know. Thanks.

yes i have. How you can help me? Thanks

We do not give support for installation. If you want we can provide contact of developer who can help you o install it properly. But you have to work with him directly. We can provide his mail id. Thanks.

Hello, is there email notifications for users? I mean like in google docs Thanks

Hi, I need help with email configuration. Am using smtp

If you know cakePHP it will be very easy to implement.

The demo fails to enter a new ticket, can you solve it? I am interested in buying it

demo is not working, give me demo url