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Hello how do I run the app.sql script please can you help please.

You need to create a database and run the app.sql within that database.

I can’t log in at the moment? Also since I can’t see it those it have a formal for onboarding and offboard for new employees? And those it sounds delicious out UT emails with a the form of the new employees?

Please check now – admin/admin@123

Hi. Your demo doesn’t accept your admin details, can you check that please?

Please check now – admin/admin@123

^^ What he said, the demo doesn’t log us in.

Please check now, admin/admin@123

Hello Telerim, Please instruct to me how to install in host/ localhost

I have problem when run this code in localhost (vertrigo 2.46) : The requested URL /hrmaster/users/logout was not found on this server.

Please help me fix it.

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Hello Telerim, Please provide full documents for installation this code step by step. i have problem when install it in link :

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when I go to my ip (http://172.x.x.x/zhen/index.php) the browser goes right to: http://172.x.x.x/zhen/users/logout 404 the page you are looking for cannot be found

Not understanding your problem, please send detailed screenshot and explanation of problem to


bor1cua Purchased

How can I get a refund? I am unable to install this plugin…

Please follow the steps provided in document