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Hello how do I run the app.sql script please can you help please.

You need to create a database and run the app.sql within that database.

I can’t log in at the moment? Also since I can’t see it those it have a formal for onboarding and offboard for new employees? And those it sounds delicious out UT emails with a the form of the new employees?

Please check now – admin/admin@123

Hi. Your demo doesn’t accept your admin details, can you check that please?

Please check now – admin/admin@123

^^ What he said, the demo doesn’t log us in.

Please check now, admin/admin@123

Hello Telerim, Please instruct to me how to install in host/ localhost

I have problem when run this code in localhost (vertrigo 2.46) : The requested URL /hrmaster/users/logout was not found on this server.

Please help me fix it.

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Hello Telerim, Please provide full documents for installation this code step by step. i have problem when install it in link :

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when I go to my ip (http://172.x.x.x/zhen/index.php) the browser goes right to: http://172.x.x.x/zhen/users/logout 404 the page you are looking for cannot be found

Not understanding your problem, please send detailed screenshot and explanation of problem to

How can I get a refund? I am unable to install this plugin…

Please follow the steps provided in document

I have a fatal error:

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to AuthComponent::identify() must be an instance of CakeRequest, null given, called in /home/deb17962n4/domains/ on line 607 and defined in /home/deb17962n4/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/deb17962n4/domains/ AuthComponent->identify(NULL, NULL) #1 /home/deb17962n4/domains/ AuthComponent->login() #2 /home/deb17962n4/domains/ AppController->beforeFilter(Object(CakeEvent)) #3 /home/deb17962n4/domains/ CakeEventManager->dispatch(Object(CakeEvent)) #4 /home/deb17962n4/domains/ Controller->star in /home/deb17962n4/domains/ on line 757

I did exactly what you said. I realy love this HRM script, but can you check it?

1. I made a clean table and ran the script. 2 I altered thename and database from the database.php. 3 It crashed…....



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Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

When will your next major update be available? Do you have a specific date?

Hello I explain the context of our human resources department I am in Kinshasa, in my country we have double contracts to manage. An official contract submit and an unofficial contract. Each contract having its prices, its taxes, its taxes, its wages … We do a double job all the time at the time of the agents pay. What I will need is the possibility of treating both contracts in one and the same solution. Also I will need a recruitment policy / planning where I manage needs, day laborers (freelancers, casual) I would like to know if these features are available or if they can be implemented in your HR solution. What would be the cost if it should be implemented and how long. Thank you