Zhen Distribution Maps

Zhen Distribution Maps

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Need a distribution/mapping system for your business? Need to track distribution metrics and problems on a map backed by a database?

Zhen Distribution Maps is the solution for your needs! Zhen Maps can run on any shared host with PHP and MySQL installed, and provides a great-looking and easy-to-use UX that allows you to easily track your distribution in a web-based application.

Best of all, this is self-hosted, so you can install it once on your servers and have peace of mind that you have full control of the product and usage!

Zhen Distribution Maps provides the following features and models:
  • Dashboard: full-featured dashboard with a map of locations on it, as well as a list of locations and latest problems.
  • Full map: a full-window browser map of all your locations. You can also automatically hide or show specific categories of locations!
  • Location: add as many locations as you want, and tie in distribution numbers and problem tracking to each location.
  • Routes: create routes to manage the distribution to your various locations
  • Distribution: add distribution metrics for each location, keeping a running history of distribution numbers corresponding to each location.
  • Problems: add problem history for each location to keep track of problems that have occured with any location.

Demo: Use admin/admin@123 to login to the demo.


  • V 1.0 (June 20, 2013): First release

Installation instructions: (1) Unzip files on server (2) Run /app/Config/Schema/distribution.sql on your MySQL database (3) Copy /app/Config/database.php.default to /app/Config/database.php and update this new file with your MySQL database settings. (4) Hit the public URL on your server with your browser, login as admin / admin@123 and change settings.

This system has the same common features as other Zhen apps:
  • Self-hosted: Host on your own server or shared host with only PHP/MySQL as requirements.
  • Web-based: Use from any browser.
  • Secure and private: Your copy of Zhen applications is your own, and runs on your own servers, so you have full control.
  • Customization: If you or your developer know CakePHP/PHP/MySQL, you can fully customize your local copy.