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I get this error: “The requested URL /crm/users/login was not found on this server”

Please make sure you are using Apache with mod_rewrite and htaccess turned on – this is needed for Zhen CRM. (IIS server is not supported.)

I get a 404 or page missing?

Please make sure that your hosting environment or server supports PHP 5.2 or above, and has htaccess and rewrite rules turned on. This application (like any other CakePHP 2.x application) will not work otherwise.

How do I edit the text/layout in the e-mails that are sent out?

You can find the HTML and text-only versions of the e-mails in this folder: /app/View/Themed/Default/Emails . Feel free to edit to your heart’s content.

How do I change the layout / header / footer?

After installation, open this file – /app/View/Themed/Default/Layouts/default.ctp – and edit it to your heart’s content. This is the main layout page containing the HTML template for the Zhen CRM application.

How do I login? (or) What’s the default login?

The default username and password are “admin” and “admin@123” respectively. Make sure to change it when using it after install!

How do I update from 1.0 to 1.1?

Run these commands on your MySQL database containing Zhen CRM 1.0:

ALTER TABLE contacts ADD COLUMN `photo_dir` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL; ALTER TABLE options ADD COLUMN `logo` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL; ALTER TABLE options ADD COLUMN `logo_dir` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL;

For the rest of the files, you should be able to just update them without any issues.

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