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Any new upgrade? Your app still having cache issue…!!! Thank you!!!

would it be possible to add a few extra feilds when adding deals, ie notes

im not, what would it take to have it done for me?

Hi, we do not want do customization work, if you want we can send you mailid, you can work with him directly. Thanks.

You can send the mail for your work –

New User form validation not working… it will add a blank record. Can we buy customization?

We, do not do customization, but if you want can send you the mail id, you have to work with him directly. Thanks.

You can send us the mail for customization at

MOBILE BROWSERS: None of the search features work! On an iPhone 6, the search box and drop down don’t work on either Safari or Chrome. This is a huge problem.

Will check and if issue exist will update in next release.

I already experimented cache issue but didn’t get any support from month. This is a basic problem (I think it came from a bad configuration of CakePHP caching) that make this useful script in one useless! Please, repair it!!!

Thanks for your message.

Thanks for your reply, but when the next update to fix the issue?

Hello i have a question i will like to know if i can edit according to what i need

i nned to change some labels can i do if i purchase the application

If you know cakePHP it will be easy to do that.

i need to change some labels can i do if i purchase the application

Please, update!

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/crm/lib/Cake/Cache/Engine/FileEngine.php on line 380 your code have many errors

i make at work know i have to translate to another language

can you please give me a tip and how to do that

Sorry to hear that, but most of our customers installed based on the given installation instructions.

How do we mass assign a batch of CSV uploaded leads to an “Employee” ?

Currently they all go in as “admin” no matter what admin uploaded them. I want to assign an entire batch to an employee. Thanks.

For that you need customization.

I’m having this problem, when i try to update my admin password it doesn’t and the crm logouts.

The same happends when i tried to edit any of my contacts.

How can i fix that?

It should be working now

Hello, I’m working on contacts translations. I managed to translate index and view directly in files, but I can’t achieve translations for add and edit. Please help me on this. All the best.

I found by myself. Just need to add ‘label’=>(‘field_name’) to <?php echo $this->Form->input(‘last_name’, array(‘type’=>’text’,’class’=>’form-control input-xlarge’, ‘id’=>’last_name’,’label’=>(‘field_name’))); ?>.

Great you have done by your self.

Hello, how can I perform an accent insensitive search ?

Anyone ? It would be really great and useful !

1. Is it possible when Admin list tasks/projects for Staffs to chose them selves which task they wanna do? For example instead of assigning a project to staff A, I live it open then if staff B found it interesting then they book it and when A and C comes they can see that their colleague took it already?

2. Is it possible to give feedback to staff which will be shown on the project to other staffs?

3. Will the clients see only their own projects and not for others?

4. Is it possible to translate or change the terms for example Project by task?

5. Is it possible to list all projects and their tasks so that staffs can see which projects are underway and book/choose a which project they can do. And once a project is booked it shows as reserved. 6. Is it possible for staffs to exchange message and have a kind of forum?

7. Is it possible for clients to see their projects and open ticket if needed and upload files

All of them are not available but if you want can be implemented.

Please could you consider our comments and update your script? I’m still waiting (for < 8 month) to solve a cache issue…. Please, please, please

is there any contact form that you can integrate into this (openapi?)

No, but can help you to do that.


We purchased the script and it seems to be working fine. For some reason we cannot login to the CRM system today. So I want to reset user names and passwords. Can I go through cPanel and then phpMYadmin to reset these. I did notice that the password is encrypted.

Please let me know . Thanks in advanced.



ezgar Purchased

Good evening, buy the Zhen CRM and I have it working, but I do not have the option to see the expired events, could you send me the latest update please, thank you, kind regards, my email is


WYesAZER Purchased

Hello, I need the update that contains the expired events option.

Thank you in advance.