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Hello.. demo is not working. can u fix

We haven’t made any improvements on the apartments app in a while. Will try to get it back up and running soon.

Please get the demo running. I’m extremely interested in using this by the screenshot alone but I want to test it first and make sure it’s able to do what I need it to.

Thanks for the feedback, the Zhen Apartments is an older app that we wrote differently and we haven’t had a chance to put it on our server yet. We will try to do so soon.

No demo, check it.

3 months ago is a lot of time to not “had a chance to put it on our server yet”.

Sorry about this, we might retire this app soon. We haven’t updated it in a while.

Dear Support Team,

We purchased Zhen Apartments script, we try to install in the following link.

Please gudie me proper installtion to work this application.

Regards jeevan

Hello, do you have htaccess and mod_rewrite enabled on your server? Did you check the error log on your server – that should help debug what the issue is.

demo isnt working?

Sorry, we haven’t had a chance to put up a demo for the apartments system yet.

Will you be putting demo back up soon? pls let me know.

Hi, the apartments software we wrote is a bit older version of the newer products we are selling. It is still working, but we haven’t had a chance to put a demo of it back online. Sorry about that.

i install the script but there is bug

Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class Object in /home/*/public_html/sys/cake/libs/object.php on line 54

Strict Standards: Non-static method Configure::getInstance() should not be called statically in /home/*/public_html/sys/cake/bootstrap.php on line 38


This sounds like a version issue. We have responded to your support ticket as well. As mentioned in the support ticket, do provide us the details of your CakePHP and PHP versions and we can help you resolve this.

Regards, Telerim

Hello, Your system sound good but you developed one version- So no updates to meet the current web standards or to improve on its security? because since its creation time, there has never been an update


Yes, we have not updated the app since it’s release in 2011. It’s written using Cake PHP, so the security is built in. As for web standards, it’s still in good shape, however, we will look through the feature requests and see. If there is any pressing feature request we will try to factor that in and do a release for the app soon.

Thanks for your query. I will keep the tech team updated with your notes.

Regards, Support, Telerim

Thanks for your reply.But the password does not work on your demo page. Please check it

Thank you Ronnie

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for notifying us. Tech team will either fix it or setup an alternate demo site shortly.

Thanks, The Support Team.

Hello, The system seem to be simple as i have seen in pictures. But is there away to let people or customer register or signup for apartments them selves? You can also add the option to see available rooms or apartments.

How about adding an option for Office Rentals?

Thank you Ronnie

Hi Ronnie,

In the current system, users cannot signup themselves. The admin will have to create the user accounts which the users can manage subsequently. However you can do some custom changes if you want to allow anyone in the public to register themselves.

Office rentals can be added in easily. The verbals indicate ‘Resident’, ‘Apartment’ as it was originally developed for the residential premise management. We can change those easily. However feature/functionality changes will always take some time as it would involve code changes, DB changes, bug testing etc.

Do let us know if you need custom changes on your specific installation.


The Support Team.

Demo not working.

Sorry, we haven’t set up the demo for this yet. We should be able to do so soon.

without demo how can i check

Sorry, we don’t have demo for apartments set up yet.

then i can’t buy i don’t want risk ,once you set up demo let me know

Sure, we will do that.

Presently we are not giving any demo, with a new release it will be available.