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Are they working to ? Do they send a mail to a in config set email when a form is filled out?

No, at this moment they are just a HTML forms. You can integrate them with your CMS. Or other way we are freelancers and contact us via email and tell me what you want?!

Great work


registration, checkout errors on submit registration, checkout

Of vourse it will get error. because it is just a html form.

Hey, great job!

Just a question.. By default there are 4 steps in the registration form, but I want to have 3 and when I remove the 4th step and spread the rest out in css so they are a bit wider. First step is fine, it only shows 3 steps at the top, but when I go next, I still see the 4th step.. I’m not sure where is this coming from? I removed it from the page in html completely..


of course I have, but still no change.. First step: [img][/img] Following steps: [img][/img]

Idk, do you want me to send you an email and you try doing it and send me that bit of code…

sorry for being late, we were busy. Please give me you e-mail address and we will contact you soon!

Not a problem, Ill send you an email through envato…

could you able to create a full registration form by HTML ? usre email – password – recovery password – payment method – payment cycle period and a simple admin to manage that.

¿forms is responsive?

Preview link is dead!

ive looked at a few of your things and every demo seems to not work ?

do any of this authors live previews work ?, 3 ive tryed now and none work

Thanks for your feedback, we are working now to make demos live!

Great Work! Good Luck!!!